Friday, 15 May 2009

River Walk 14/5/09

On the way to work on Thursday I stopped off at Norbury Park (near Mickleham) for a 20 minute stroll along the river.

First sighting was a pair of Yellow Wagtails flying downstream. Blackbirds calling from all directions plus Wrens singing from the dense undergrowth. Above my head a Blackcap was singing and another individual was counter-singing (in competition) from the other side of the water.

There were a few Blue-banded Damselflies were flying around but in the breezy conditions it was not easy to capture a good pose.
Some distance away I spotted two Mandarin Ducks and managed a quick photo before they disappeared downstream.

Masses of flies over the water.

Under the road bridge over the river this 'graffiti' was created in 2006. I'm not sure what it represents but it certainly cheers up a drab wall.

At work we have birds nesting in various locations. This Song Thrush has made her nest amongst one of the plant displays AND......

She has five eggs to care for. The staff will be keeping an eye on her progress and a sign asks our customers not disturb her.


  1. Lovely shot of the Song Thrush Frank, peeping through the plants.
    Hope all her eggs are successfully hatched.
    Can't wait for the weekend to get back out again.

  2. Your Song Thrush looks much like the Hermit Thrush that nest at Hasty Brook. Her nest looks so smooth on the inside. Your first shot of the river reminds me of the picture of Hasty Brook I have at the top of my blog.

  3. Keith, let's hope the weather improves as it is rainy here again today.

  4. Hi Frank,
    Life is blooming around you. It is becoming similar here as the sun is now shining. Nice that you got a song thrush nesting around work and the eggs pictures is very cute. Well done and keep an eye on her!!
    Have a nice sunny week-end!

  5. How lovely that you will be able to keep a close eye on the progress of the Song Thrush, and lovely photos of her and the eggs in the nest.

  6. Great photos. I really like the SongThrush. Sweet little nest with blue eggs. Hope they all hatch successfully.

  7. What a great way to start a working day Frank! and lovely to have a "local" nest at work too.

  8. I am very impressed that the thrush is actually nesting in the garden center! It must definitely be an eco-friendly place!

  9. That's a nice way to start the working day Frank.

  10. Hi everyone. I have to admit that a pre-work walk if it can be fitted it, however short, always sets me up for the day. Seeing any wildlife is a bonus.

    Birds nesting at work (Plant Centre) is nothing unusual. Mallard on the office roof, (one year it was in a large planted pot), Blackbirds on/in plant trolleys, Tits anywhere (even inside a metal gate post plus Robins & Wrens are common nesters.

    Lynne. You are right, Song & Hermit are very similar and so are the photos of our two 'brooks'.

    Have a good weekend. FAB

  11. Some posts just bring a smile to my face. This was one of them. : )

  12. Steve. Glad to oblige again. Cheers.

  13. That was a great pre-work walk!! I can see how that would jump start your day..I love the mandarin duck pictures, I don't think I've ever seen anyone post pictures of them..
    I love that thrush nest..such blue eggs and what a look she is giving you!! lol. Glad you took that stroll, life is good!

  14. How lovely about the bird nesting. It must be wonderful to work at a place where birds nesting around is so common! I wish her all the best in raising her brood.

  15. Oh love the shot of the nest with the lovely blue eggs inside...very nice.

  16. All this in the span of one work day morning ... it's sad some people never notice any of it.


  17. Tina. Manadarin Duck originally introduced (into collections but now feral)from the Far East & same family as Wood Duck.

    Heather. Always a delight to share our spaces with wildlife.

    Crita. Pic could have been sharper, but I only had one shot & didn't want to upset mum.

    Sharon. If only we had more time to stand & stare (and enjoy all around us)!


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