Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dunnock: Possible Nesting?

During the last week our local Dunnock has been very vocal. Whilst 'chilling out' indoors on Monday I noticed that visits to the patio were very frequent and then realised that a nest was being built within the Ivy that covers the clothes post. As far as I can recall this could be the first time that this species has attempted nesting in our garden so we will have to see what develops. As it is very difficult to tell male and female apart I am not sure which sex this one is!

Also over the last two days a pair of Blue Tits have been regularly visiting the fat feeder under the patio canopy.
This evening (Wednesday) I heard youngsters calling AND then both parents appeared briefly together with three fledglings to give them a top-up feed.


  1. It'd be good if you do have the Dunnock nesting Frank,especially when the youngsters appear.
    I've had a couple of Blue Tits regularly invading my fat feeders the last few days. I'm sure they are nesting close by somewhere.

  2. ...I hope the Dunnock are nesting. Then we will get to watch their progression through your photos. Glad to hear there are three Blue Tit fledglings!

  3. oh my... I've been painting bird pictures...
    these ones doesn't have to painted since they're already artistic shots... frameworthy I may saw... very beautiful photogrpahs...
    Bids do remind me of liberty...

  4. I hope so too that the Dunnocks are nesting by you! It would be great to have more bird babies around! :)

  5. Nice pic of the Dunnock and how exciting for you if they do nest!! I will watch to see what progress might occure from this event.

  6. Lovely image of the Dunnock, really brought out the colours. Hope they do nest in your garden.

  7. Our first visit and really enjoyed your blog.from your previous post the Painted Lady looks beautiful.

  8. Great photo of the Dunnock. Will look forward to progress reports.
    I have two sets of Blue Tits come to the feeders but both nests are several houses away in opposite directions.

  9. Lovely Dunnock photo, I have them nesting somewhere in my garden but I can't quite work out where, it is lovely to see all the activity though.

    All the poor Tits seem to be looking scruffier by the day, such a busy time for them all.

  10. Great to have the birds that close to you. Hope the nesting succeeds with the Dunnocks.

  11. Hi everyone. Anita says the Blue Tits have been around again today but no obvious activity by the Dunnock but we will keep you posted.

    lloilo Onfoot & Nature Stop. Thank you for checking out "The Early Birder" & hope to see you again.

    Good wildlife watching to you all. Cheers Frank.

  12. I love these close-up shots! I look forward to more news about the possible Dunnock nest in your garden.


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