Thursday, 23 December 2010

Window Watching.

Misty days plus snow and ice around my local patch has meant that very little wildlife has shown itself for any photos. Despite the cold weather I was delighted to catch brief views of two Goldcrests busily feeding within the woodland, so hopefully they will survive. The Corvids (Crows, Jackdaws, Magpies and Jays tend to dominate the landscape at the moment. Blackbird, Song Thrush, Wren, Robin and Dunnock scour under the hedgerows for food. Flitting through the treetops were Blue, Great and Long-tailed Tits, Goldfinch, plus Nuthatch and Great-spotted Woodpeckers calling as they move from bough to bough.

Over recent days most of my wildlife watching has been through the windows (which need cleaning!) so here are a few images of the regular visitors to the feeders.
 Coal Tit, Greenfinch, Woodpigeon, Starling and a female Chaffinch which is very rarely seen in the garden.
 Collared Doves waiting patiently.
 House Sparrows and Blue Tit.
 Ring-necked Parakeets - the ultimate acrobats.
Grey Squirrel - The opportunistic seed scrounger.    FAB.


  1. Nice Pix!!

    Your lucky to have such a nice mix in your yard. I guess the parrots are pretty widespread now.

  2. Frank stunning captures, nature is beautiful.
    Happy holiday season to you and your family!

    Anna :)

    PS just stumbled on your blog by accident so I thought I leave a message :)

  3. Inside looking out sounds a great position to be in this weather Frank. Nice collection of feathered visitors. Sightings of Greenfinches have been rare here recently but like you there are now lots of corvids here amongst the regulars.

  4. Loved the birds you have at your feeders. Where do you live that you get those lovely parrots?
    Mary Ann

  5. Amazing what one can see through the window!! I love to window watcher as well! I really enjoyed viewing all the photos and you did a great job on the collages!

  6. Parakeets in the snow! How cool!

  7. Seems to me you did really well through the window and have no cold feet or hands to show for it. Good Photos Boom & Gary.

  8. Hi Harold. Yes, they have adapted well and are spreading out in many directions.

    Hi Anna. Welcome and thank you for dropping by. Merry Xmas to you.

    Hi John. The warmest option is the best at the moment ... just a pity the light is not so good for the lens!

    Hi Cedar Ridge Studio. Welcome Mary Ann. I live just 20 miles south-west of London.

    Hi Dixxe. Thanks for your visit and kind words.

    Hi Jen. They certainly brighten up the snowy view.

    Hi Gary. Cheers.

  9. Enjoyed your series of local birds, particularly the Collared Doves, and of course the parakeets - that species has not yet arrived in VT but with warming climate probably not too far off.

  10. I wish I has that many bird's coming to my garden.

  11. Hi Hilke. I guess the Collared Doves will get to VT much quicker than the Parakeets.

    Hi Mike. Cheers. We just added visits from a Blackcap yesterday so the Xmas count is slowly increasing.

  12. Wow, great sightings from the window! I do this all the time, especially in this winter weather! I am surprised by the parakeets. I think of them as tropical so how do they survive in all that snow and cold?


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