Monday, 20 September 2010

Unexpected Encounter (Part 1).

During a recent visit to a nearby park a Fallow Buck slowly emerged from the high lush green fern growth and provided the 'watcher' with a totally unexpected close encounter that lasted for many minutes.
Completely unfazed he gave the 'watcher' a sideways glance.... 
and then started to lick ...
and then time for a scratch.
Another enquiring look in the direction of the 'watcher' as he continued to chew....
..... before quietly moving away to join his comrades.  

Some minutes later I was privileged to repeat this experience with two other Fallow Deer and I'll share these moments in a follow up post.   FAB. 


  1. WOW Frank!! The photos are just fabulous!!
    What a wonderful unexpected encounter!!
    He is so handsome,and I love the picture where he is looking right at you with the grass hanging out of his mouth!!
    I want to tell you about the time he looked right at me with that rack of horns I would have been gone in a flash!! : }
    Still thinking good things to happen for you and your family!!

  2. Well, Frank, I am almost without words after seeing this post. Your photos are priceless. Those are moments to be treasured!

  3. Great pictures, you're so lucky to get a real series, especially when its rutting season.

  4. Lovely images Frank.

  5. Wow what a gorgeous animal. And you were so lucky to get that close. Our whitetails are so shy getting closeup without a really good camera is difficult

  6. Magical moments Frank.
    A great set of pictures to remember it all by too.

  7. Hi Kerri. Thanks.

    Hi Grammie. He was far more interested in chewing the grass than chasing after
    Thanks for your continued support ... I'll post an update on PJB very soon.

    Hi Wilma. Thanks very much.

    Hi Bob. I think this guy had probably done his bit and was now just happy to chill out.

    Cheers Roy.

    Hi troutbirder. Fortunately these guys are quite used to seeing humans walking around.

    Hi Keith. It sure was and the experience was repeated soon after so more to follow.

  8. A magnificent specimen Frank. You obviously had the right deoderant on :-)

  9. Goodness gracious Frank what an awesome presentation and it looks as if you were close enough, you could have smelled the wild musky smell of the deers fur, just amazing!!!

  10. Outstanding Images,once again you have produced Macic,love these images.
    Brilliant photography,well done Frank.

  11. WOW! Lovely moment that you've shared with us Frank. I can just imagine how you felt during that encounter and afterwards! I'll look forward to the follow ups! (-:

  12. Cheers Warren. I won't admit what I smelled of..sniff,

    Hi Mary. Well I was downwind and a strong breeze otherwise it would have been a different story.

    Thanks John. Just one of those moments when everything worked in my favour.

    Hi Jenny. Had to take a few deep breaths just to hold the camera still.

  13. Fabulous series of photos! An experience you will never forget. Thank you kindly for sharing the wonderful moments with us.

  14. Wow - what a great great encounter with the Buck. You captured the moments perfectly!

  15. Oh my gosh...what a gorgeous creature. You were so lucky to be so close. Wonderful photos too.

  16. favorite it the third to last. What a handsome animal. Great photos!

  17. Thanks Julie, Mona, Kelly and Mary.
    Close encounters are what makes wildlife watching so enthralling so I'm always delighted to share any such experience. FAB.

  18. These are really amazing! I loved part 2 as well.. And I also love the new title/header photo!

  19. Thanks Jen. Glad you enjoyed this encounter as much as I did. Have a good week. FAB.


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