Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Grey Tuesday.

On Tuesday I spent a couple of very quiet hours at Barnes WWT. With overcast skies and a very strong wind I was glad to be able to take refuge in the hides even though many of the resident birds were also hiding from the weather. 
Grey Heron and a Lapwing.

Time for a stretch while the Wigeon continued to sleep.

Male Gadwall asleep in its finely vermiculated grey plumage and prominent white speculum.

Mrs. Gadwall, who at a distance may resemble a Mallard, but has a smaller bill and again the white speculum is a giveaway.

One of a number of Grey Heron way out on the marsh.

Feral Pigeon ... fed up or overfed!

Actually it wasn't all grey as evidenced by the vibrant late summer blooms which form part of the 'praire' plantings.  FAB.


  1. Hi Frank.. I especially like the stretching one and the fed-up or overfed one!! : }
    Nice photos of birds in natural position. Just like us they do there thing to.

  2. Love all these, but especially the Heron. I have such a hard time getting close to one of those!

  3. Great shot of the Feral Frank. I think he is just fed up.

  4. Hi Grammie. If you look long enough you can usually see some matching characteristics.

    Hi Carol. Good choice. It's a lovely looking duck.

    Hi Mona. Must have been a lucky day for me. Hope to share some more close-ups very soon.

    Hi Roy. Very few visitors and no free

  5. Haha, I love the fed up pigeon...

  6. The pigeon photo made me laugh :-) Love all the ducks and heron. I wish I would start seeing more birds. Gorgeous flowers.


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