Monday, 27 September 2010

Unexpected Encounter (Part 3)

So here are the final images from my recent encounters with the Fallow Bucks.
 [Please click these links for all the previous images ... (Part 1) and (Part 2). ]
Who is watching who?
Time for a lick and clean up.
Can I reach? .... Of course I can.
But still keeping a wary eye on the interloper!
Until it was finally time to say good bye....until the next time.   FAB


  1. I just saw your deer photos and oh my gosh are they fantastic. You not only got lucky to see them but you took some great photos. Carol

  2. Awesome pics Frank!! Beautiful!! You sure got some great close ups!

  3. Beautiful images, Frank. Chance meetings like this are always thrilling. I'm glad you were lucky enough to enjoy and capture the experience.

  4. Truly amazing shots. You had a wonderful encounter - and you must have been very close to them!

  5. Hi Frank The rack on that deer is something I would not want to take a ride on!! : }
    How far away was you from him when you took these??
    Love the last photo,but of course the are all wonderful!!

  6. Gorgeous shots... each one is just perfect!:)

  7. Wow, and wow! :o) Fantastic moment with nature, and 'FAB' shots!

  8. Thanks Everyone for all your appreciative comments.

    Just to put the record straight, I never actually got closer than 30 to 40 feet from this quarry. FAB.

  9. Fantastic shots Frank.
    A great encounter.

  10. Wow, Frank, what a special day!

  11. Cheers Keith. Now just waiting for the next one.

    Hi Karen. It sure was just that.

  12. Its always a treat to get up close to wild animals. You've taken full advantage of the opportunity. Well done!!

  13. MAGNIFICIENT animals; beautiful photos, Frank!!

    What decorative fur they have.....fantastic!
    (In early days I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time in deer-watchig with my dad, high up in the mountains, though!)
    These superbe photos bring back memories..!

    ciao ciao elvira

  14. Thanks Harold. Not something that happens that often so always try to capture the moment.

  15. Hi Elvira. I'm delighted to have brought back good memories for you. Hope to show you some more of another species very soon.
    ciao ciao FAB.


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