Sunday, 26 September 2010

Late Summer Fliers.

Just a few of the images taken in the last 7 days or so.
Tatty and washed out Common Blue.


Distinctive underwing of the Comma while feasting on ripe Blackberries.

Male Common Darter lying in wait.

Common Darter - eyes in every direction.

Migrant Hawker

The weather forecast is not particularly good so who knows what we may find this week.  FAB.


  1. Ah, more wonderful pictures at the end of summer. I love how you are able to capture so many excellent images.

  2. Always something to watch for this time of year isn't there? Nice series!

  3. Hi Frank great set of images its good to see a few late flyers can still be found.

  4. Good butterflies and dragonflies, and, we can only tell what the weather is doing, bah, humbug.

  5. If anything it will be Red Admirals and Commas and I think we will find a lot of blown down branches and leaves Frank.

  6. AHHH yes, before we began our journey our butterflies were beginning to show up tattereed as well. One showed up with half a wing missing. These images are quite nice Frank~

  7. Hi Frank...I know I feel a little tattered and worn after a summer of working the garden so I imagine are the butterflies! : }
    The Comma I like for its unique wing design very different than most!!
    Love the common darter eyes! : }

  8. Beautiful images ... as always! So nice to see a few more pictures before they leave us.

  9. You always take such amazing shots.

  10. ...beautiful, Frank. Love the color in the Comma, and I like the pastel colors in the Common Blue too.

  11. Hi Frank, I saw a freshly emerged red admiral today but have to confess most of the butterflies are looking tattered and torn.
    End of the season I guess.....

    Mr P is looking tattered and torn....he is jetlagged, and still on Chicago time.

  12. Look out for the winter thrushes this week Frank :-)

  13. Hi Lois. Cheers. These fliers were more co-operative than any birds!

    Hi Mona. Sure is ... just need to keep those eyes peeled.

    Hi Monty. Hopefully there will still be a few around for a while ... weather permitting.

    Hi Bob. Yeah ... rain again!!

    Hi Roy. AND damp underfoot I bet.

    Hi Mary. Yes they have all been through a busy season, just like

    Hi Grammie. But all your effort was so worthwhile. The Comma is similar to your Question Mark I believe.

    Hi Julie. Thanks. I hope there may be a few more with luck.

    Hi Joanne. I'm delighted you think so but always room for improvement.

    Hi Kelly. Thanks, the Comma certainly stands out against the fading foliage at the moment.

    Hi Cheryl. Hopefully we will see more RA's over the coming weeks. The others have done a lot of hard work so bound to be a little frayed around the edges.
    I hope Mr P has got his feet up!

    Hi Warren. Gosh, where have the months gone .. I'll keep looking.

  14. Similar to what I'm seeing Frank. No, it's not looking too good weatherwise for the rest of the week over this way either! I saw a couple of flocks of Mistle Thrushes the other day which is always a sign of autumn.

  15. Really nice shots Frank! I haven't gotten out locally to look for photo ops in a couple weeks...we're having really warm weather (shock!) but life has had other plans, making me behind on reading my fave blogs too. Do still have photos to post from earlier this month.

  16. Hi Jen. Can't say I've seen many Mistles at all this year but Autumn is a good time to seek them out plus the winter migrants.

    Hi Jann. Hope all is well with your daughter. Could do with some of your warmth rather than all this rain!


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