Friday, 10 September 2010

Flutter Review (Part 2).

During a recent visit to Bookham Common I just managed a record image of the Brown Hairstreak. This species is not often seen at low level so I'll need to keep a beady eye out for this one in the future in the hope of some better shots.

As a follow up to Part 1 here are the final montages of some of the other species seen this year.

Large, Small and Silver Spotted Skippers, Painted Lady, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell.

Ringlet, Small Copper, White Admiral, Speckled Wood, Wall Brown and Red Admiral

Just a few more of my favourite the Silver-washed Fritillary.

Other species seen but not yet captured are Purple Emperor, Clouded Yellow and Marbled White. With a bit of luck and some travelling I might be able to expand the list next year.  FAB.


  1. A lovely set Frank.

  2. Wow, it isn't just that you have some many species, but that they all cooperated. Well done.

  3. Hi Frank... gorgeous just gorgeous!! Nice display!!
    I have to say my favorite is the first one with the berries!!
    Hope everything is fine at the moment and have a peaceful weekend!!

  4. Very nice series of images you got there :) The big one on the last serie is very artistic ;)

  5. Oh my gosh....what a variety, and one is more beautiful than the next.

  6. Frank, your photos are delightful, as always. You blow me away with your beautiful collages. I have to agree with Grammie G. about that first picture being the best of the bunch. ~karen

  7. A good selection, but I am like you, I love Silver-washed Fritillary.

  8. A great selection Frank.
    The Silver-washed Fritillary is a cracker. Love to see one of those.

  9. Such a beautiful variety of photos - and subjects! Nice work, Frank!

  10. A painted lady and a red admiral are my favorites. You rock Frank. Great job too. Carol

  11. What a pretty group of images. I trust you have framed many of your images and they are hanging on the walls of your home. ;)

  12. Excellent shots capturing all the glorious details. Love the mosaics.

  13. You found quite a variety of flutters there Frank. All types seem to have been very scarce here this year.

  14. Cheers Roy.

    Steve B. Believe me, some are definitely more co-operative than others!

    Grammie. Thank you. Would have liked a little more time with the Brown Hairstreak. Still no change on the PJB front.

    Dominic. Thank you very much.

    Kelly. It's been a good flutter season for me now I just need the birds to perform in front of the lens.

    Karen. Cheers, the BH was difficult to get close to but hopefully next year I'll get more time with that species.

    Bob. The SWFrit is great species to watch.

    Keith. Cheers. Any of the Frits are worth watching.

    Mona. Thank you.

    Carol. Thanks.

    Lois. I haven't printed any off yet, but thanks for the suggestion.

    Joanne. Thank you.

    John. Apart from a few species I also haven't seen large numbers but good to catch up with those that have been around locally.

  15. A good idea to put a montage of the years flutters Frank, wish I had thought of it !!

  16. Thanks Warren. If this weather trend keeps up maybe you should do a review of the Kent flutters for us.

  17. Ohhhhh, this MAGIC MOSAIC of Butterflies in thousand colours is WONDERFUL, Frank!!!!!

    FABULOUS and so well done!!!!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  18. Thank you Elvira. I enjoyed putting this mosaic review together and glad you liked it.

  19. Wow! I am impressed - a great collection and wonderful photos

  20. Thanks Chris. Now if only I could get a similar selection of birds to pose for a montage!


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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