Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Transect Update - Week 11.

The first two weeks of June are known as the 'June Gap' when spring butterfly species are going over and before the main summer fliers emerge.

I carried out my 'Week 11' transect walk on Ashtead Common last Sunday and was therefore not surprised that a Brimstone failed to appear but recorded 12 Speckled Wood, the highest weekly count for this species this season so far. 

Three of only four other species logged were all new sightings for this season.

A female Large Skipper.

One of nine Meadow Brown.

White Admiral. Just three individuals logged.

White Admiral (Underwing pattern)

A few days later during a stroll on Epsom Common I spotted at least a dozen White Admirals in the space of 30 minutes and also photographed my first Small Heath (below) for the year.


  1. Beautful butterflies Frank. Hope you are having a good week.

  2. You have a decent selection of butterflies on your transect. I have only had Orange Tips and the odd Green-veined White or Small White these last couple of weeks. There hasn't been good enough weather to carry one out this week and it certainly doesn't look as though it will improve later in the week!
    I saw my first Meadow Brown of the season yesterday, though!

    1. Nick. Our April weather was wet and cold but conditions over the past 4 weeks have been much better with a total of 12 species seen on the transect this season which compares favourably with previous years.
      I hope your weather pattern improves soon.

  3. Saw my first meadow brown the other day, orange tips and brimstones seem to be over here

  4. What would we do without gorgeous butterflies. Carol

  5. Lovely photos. Not too many butterflies spotted in my neck of the woods, so far.

  6. A good collection for your post today.

    I was looking as some Chimney Swifts today, toying with the idea of getting off a shot or too...but I was not as courageous as you on your 16 June post!

    1. Cheers Steve.

      The Swifts were a challenge, but worth a try!


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