Monday, 18 June 2018

Adonis Blue.

A windy foray across the southern slope of chalk down-land last Friday produced numerous Meadow Browns and Small Heath, a few tatty Common Blues plus recently emerged Marble Whites but my ultimate quarry, the Adonis Blue was very elusive.

Several other walkers indicated that they had failed to find an Adonis but undaunted I persevered and finally found one very flighty male that eventually alighted on Bird's-foot-trefoil and then partially revealed its distinctive upper wing colours before continuing its aerial foray.

After another ten minutes of fluttering around in circles it decided to land again but still only provided a restricted view of its upper wings.

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  1. Nice photos. Not sure where in Surrey this was but I lead a walk for the London Natural history Society to Denbies on May 26th + Adonis Blue was the most numerous butterfly with 30+. Maybe many have gone over now?

    1. Conehead54. This was on the slopes below Steers Field and I had left it a little late in their season!

  2. Wonderful looking butterfly - I struggled with the Blues as a kid - and never convinced myself I had found one of these.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Great Butterfly Frank,love to bag one of these.

  4. Lovely. The Adonis Blue has always eluded me. They don't occur up here in Scotland and when I visit Europe in the summer I seem to be between populations! I am sure I will see them one day, though.

  5. What a fabulous find! It pay to keep looking :)

  6. I have seen so few butterflies here in my yard..We had late snow and I am wondering how many bees and butterflies were killed...Michelle

  7. I guess it was a blue day for you!


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