Friday, 11 February 2011

Watchful Eyes.

 This Red Deer stag is very wary, ears pricked whilst monitoring every bit of movement as the 'watcher' creeps a little closer and .......

.... then it is eyeball to eyeball .....
Just another magical wildlife encounter.  

The weather forecast here is not too encouraging but hopefully you will have an enjoyable wildlife watching weekend. FAB.


  1. Awesome, Frank!! Love the eyeball to eyeball shot. Hope you have a good birding weekend as well.

  2. Cute photos and captions! Aren't red deer related to elk? I saw some once up in Aroostook County, ME where someone was raising them for their antlers I believe.

  3. A magical encounter indeed. Such a beautiful, majestic creature!
    You captured it perfect!

  4. Great photos of this magnificent creature!!

  5. A brilliant series of shots, especially today's portraits.

  6. Now they are what I call close-ups. Very good.

  7. Beautiful "eye-to-eye" close-ups of a red deer stag, Frank. Great details. I particularly like the way the sun lights up the hair on his neck and his muzzle.

  8. Do they ever charge at approaching people? I once tried to photograph some water buffaloes(farm ones),and one menacing bull started slowly coming towards me. I slowly backed off a great deal till he stopped moving,suppressing a mad urge to turn my back on him and run like hell!

  9. Thanks Kelly. The current weather may put a block on birding this weekend!

    Hi Kathie. Both members of the genus Cervus but recent DNA studies suggest that Elk should be a distinct species (C. canadensis).

    Hi Nicole. Thank you.

    Cheers Ginny.

    Thanks John & Mike.

    Hi Hilke. The shots taken in full sunlight weren't half as good!

    Hi Amila. Yes, if you really upset them. Need to be extra vigilant during the rutting season. Quite right .. never turn your back on an aggressive animal!

  10. Great stuff! No one will ever convince me that there is not far more to our fellow creatures than we know, the character in that face and those eyes just says it all for me Frank.

  11. Oh my, I love these shots! I'm all about the close-ups. He's really "watching" the "watcher" !!

  12. Magnificent shots of a beautiful beast Frank... Well done... I love its gaze!

  13. Frank,
    wow! I get the sense that if I looked close enough into those eyeballs I'd see a reflection of you and your camera.

  14. Outstanding close ups of a magnificent creature! So very majestic. Beautiful work!

  15. Aaah, one of those magical, mystical 'time stands still' moments! Great captures, karen

  16. Lovely close up images of a beautiful beast. Great captures Frank

  17. Hi Frank...Well you sure got an eye full and so didn't the big guy !!
    I do hope they aren't aggressive !!
    Wonderful animals and great photo's too!!

  18. Wow Frank close encounter. Handsome fellah too! It reminds me of the close encounter I had with the bull Elk last September. I was just happy he was looking for a gal Elk, and did not like my English Lavendula fragrance ;)

  19. Hi Jan. I agree and often wonder what they are actually thinking as they eye me up and down .. such an intent stare!

    Hi Mona. Yes, he sure was.

    Cheers Chris. He definitely had me 'in focus'.

    Thanks Roy.

    Ha ha Kay. I'm not sure he would allow such close scrutiny!

    Hi Julie G. Appreciate the compliment.

    Hi Karen. Not sure who was trembling the most!!

    Thanks Andrew.

    Hi Grammie. One has to be careful but I know all animals can sense if you are really a threat.

    Cheers Steve. Just one of many in the park.

  20. Hi Mary. Fortunately there was no breeze so he was more interested in my movements than anything else!!

  21. My, goodness, what great images!

  22. Superb captures! What a handsome fella :)

  23. Truly magical. These are the moments when you hold your breath, and almost stop breathing......I have been there, and can say, for me, there is nothing to beat it.

    As always beautiful images, that never fail to make me smile......

  24. Hi Kerri & Lois. Thank you.

    Hi Cheryl. These sort of moments can be heart stoppers. I often have to take a really deep breath in order to hold everything together while trying to capture that moment! Afterwards I often regret not taking more shots.


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