Monday, 14 February 2011

Around Pen Ponds.

After leaving the Isabella Plantation I headed across the open parkland towards Pen Ponds with a brief pause attempting to get a shot of a Green Woodpecker feeding .... but of course he saw me coming! 

Not long after I had reached the waters edge, checking out a likely quarry for the lens, a nearby voice said "Do you mind if I throw this in for my dog?". I turned to see a man holding a very large piece of wood and his dog waiting by his side. My response (perhaps a little brusque) was "I don't think it is appropriate" and he promptly questioned "Why?" Red rag to a bull comes to mind as I pointed to and suggested the likely distruption to the wildlife using the water but after a brief pause he just retorted that his dog had a swim here every day and it was obvious that whatever concerns I had he was going to carry on regardless!

I wasn't in the mood for an extended discussion (I just wanted some peace and quiet with the wildlife) so I moved a little further away. Fortunately when I heard the slash, way behind me, the ducks in front of me didn't react .... perhaps they are used to this daily occurrence.

 Most of the Canada Geese seemed fairly relaxed and one came close to check me over.

 This male Tufted Duck made a tentative move towards the bank.

 The male Mallards were either preening or just standing around admiring the view. 

 Moving on over to the smaller pond I sat on the bank looking down on the water, with the sun casting plenty of shadows, as the various species passed by including this Moorhen calling to its comrades.

 The usual inquisitve Coot.

A Black-headed Gull decides to lighten its load ... thank goodness I was above and not below!

Finally the disappearing Tuftie and then it's time for me to find my way home ... but I'll be back with a few more images from this visit in the coming week.   FAB.


  1. Great serie, great diversity, my favorite is the flying Black-headed Gull

  2. It's a shame that gull wasn't flying over the guy with the stick, huh?

  3. Terrific photos again. You amaze me with the variety of birds you see.

  4. ...the Canada Goose did come in close for a better look! Lovely close-up...and the Tufted Duck is so pretty! for the splashing dog--I wonder why the owner asked you if you minded if he had no intention of listening to your wishes! Oh well...

  5. Lovely set Frank, despite the idiot dog owner. It makes you wonder just why he asked in the first place.

    The Canada Geese and Mallard never have a problem posing, do they lol

  6. This is all amazing! The last photo with the diving bird, I've been trying to do the same with a little cormorant,but no luck so far.

  7. Beautiful set Frank. I love the moorhen and the coot! I rarely see them over here and occasionally see them in France ;-)

  8. You got some nice images, Frank. I particularly like the tufted duck, the moorhen and the close-up of the Canada goose who looks like she's having a tooth ache.

  9. Wonderful images illustrating your day out! Some people really make me wonder sometimes! I esp. enjoyed that last photo! You have such fun!

  10. Hi Frank..Wonderful series of photo of the ducks and geese!!
    Love the bottoms up ones. I get such a kick out of them !!
    The face on head ones are nice to ..such beauty!!
    It seems the guy and his dog wanted the answer he wanted to here even if he asked .. go figure!!

  11. A lovely set of photos, I particularly like the gull, nice - er - *action* shot! ;)

    As for the bloke with the dog, I would have said 'Actually, yes I DO mind'. There's no comeback to that. Unfortunately a lot of the general public don't care as long as they can do what *they* want. It's ignorance as much as malice, I think.

  12. Wow, amazing shot of the gull and his load! Ha! Great close-up of the goose too...

  13. Lovely images Frank. The gull seems to have made quite an impression.

  14. All those ducks! I can only wish for half that number of species on my patch lakes:-)

    Those doggy people affect us all Frank, we suffer with you :-(

  15. Thanks Dominic.

    Hi Lois. Nice one!!

    Hi Mona. Just a question of location, location.

    Hi Kelly. I suppose he was trying to be polite as he must have seen I was pointing the lens at the ducks!

    Hi Keith. Perhaps he thought I might get aggressive! Most of the residents on the pond are very amenable.

    Hi Amila. A lucky moment ... I won't mention how many past shot have gone straight into the 'bin'.

    Thanks Chris. We have far too mant Coot ... you are welcome to take

    Hi Hilke. Thanks. I'm not sure what the Canada's problem was.

    Hi Karen As we say "there's nothing so strange as folk"!! Any day in the sunshine with wildlife is always fun.

    Hi Grammie. Just tried to throw in aa few different scenarios for a change .. glad you liked them. Enough said about the doggie owner I think.

    Hi Faith. Well I thought my response might indicat just that BUT perhaps I should have been more direct ... next time.

    Hi Jen. I didn't notice the added attraction until I downloaded it

    Hi Andrew. It sure does.

    Hi Warren. I was surprised at the selection inside Isabella. Night birding might be the only way to aviod them ... ha ha.

  16. Great photos Canada Geese, I very like this birds :)


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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