Friday, 18 February 2011

Stag Party.

During my stroll this week I came across a small herd of Red Deer stags who are no longer watching over any hinds so they congregate together for some male bonding.

Unfortunately the breeze was not in my favour so I had to be extra vigilant in my attempt to get within reasonable range while my every move was closely monitored.  

Every now and then one or two would arise from their bracken beds and mooch around while sniffing or tasting the air.

 Even a bit of grooming to keep the well worn coat ship shape .... BUT ...

Always constantly alert.

Have a glorious wildlife watching weekend, wherever you are.  FAB.


  1. Beautiful many of them catching them at their natural daily routines. I spent the last few days getting some pics of gators...I love wildlife too

  2. Frank, this is a wonderful series of your Deer there. They really resemble our Elk a lot.

  3. What handsome animals! You were certainly in the right place at the right time! I thought it interesting to see the cityscape in the background. ~karen

  4. Haha...your title is bound to get a few interesting hits from Google! :-) I always love when you post the deer photos. They are gorgeous...

  5. All of your images are always so terrific, but that last one looks a bit scary. It was as if he was saying, "OK, buddy, enough photos. Move on now or I'll move you on myself."

    Stay safe!


  6. A lovely set of photos Frank. I always find it remarkable how very alert they are, however far away we are.

    Great photos on the previous post too, I just love those big feet, they always make me laugh. What an argumentative lot they are though :)

  7. Superb set Frank. They certainly have a 'look' about them.

  8. Fantastic seris on the deer. They are beautiful.

  9. Hi Frank...Magnificant looking animals!!
    I wouldn't want to be in the direction of those antlers !!
    Love the tougue sticking out photo!!
    I think Kelley may be right about your post title..hahaha!!

    I want to say also the post on the that first photo..the water pattern is very unusual!!
    The Battle of the Coots.. great the feet fight!!

  10. Splendid images of some very handsome fellahs. They do look quite the image of contentment hanging out together! Hope that you are doing well Frank~

  11. A Brilliant set of photos with the Stags Frank! Enjoyed them all!
    Hope you having a good weekend!

  12. Hi Frank.....I love the last shot, the eyes say it all.
    Wouldn't you like to get into the mind of some of these animals ......I would. Just for a short while though. Ha!

  13. Wow, magnificent creatures! Each and every photo is fantastic! Such handsome fellows. A real treat to view!

  14. Hi Carol (Slow Motion). Thanks for your visit and comments.

    Yes Mona, they are very similar.

    Hi Karen. Sharp eyes! This 'Royal' Park is surrounded by human habitats.

    Hi Kelly. You are probably right ... as long as the hits are not damaging!!

    Hi Lois. Yes, the looks can tell you everthing.

    Hi Jan These beasts never miss a thing ... you need to be patient and then they usually settle into their space.
    The Coot is often dismissed but it does have its moments.

    Cheers Keith.

    Thank you Eileen.

    Hi Grammie. I agree .. majestic beasts that will soon start to loose their magnificant head adornments. Glad you enjoyed the foot fighting.

    Hi Mary. All's well here..just taking things easy waiting for the sunshine.

    Thanks Shirleyanne. A peaceful weekend in plus a bit of gardening.

    Hi Cheryl. I often wonder hat they are thinking ... it would be interesting to know!

    Hi Julie G. Glad you liked them.

  15. Wonderful series of these guys! I really like the shot of the single buck bedded down in the grass. It's interesting to see how close they are to the urban landscape in that top shot as well.

  16. Thanks Pat. I'm sure many visitors find it strange to find these beasts so close to London in such suburban surroundings.

  17. These look a lot like our elk, but I am told they are somewhat smaller. I noticed that too about the urban setting, but I had seen a video previously about the stags in that area, so this was no surprise.

  18. Hi Willard. I think they were originally classified as being the same but more recent DNA research now suggestes that there is a distinct difference.

  19. Most of these appear as being similar to our elk, nevertheless I am told there're relatively small. When i realized that as well around the downtown placing, nevertheless I had created observed the video clip recently around the stags in that area, and this ended up being hardly surprising.The best uk site stag party


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