Monday, 14 February 2011

Riverside Stroll.

My leisurely stroll today started from the 'Iron Bridge' near Bowyers Lock on the Wey Navigation where a pair of Grey Wagtails (year list now 100) were very active over on the other bank so distant (record) shot only. A male Mallard drifted away from the bank as he sensed my presence. A scan over the water meadows produced lots of Canada Geese, Black-headed Gulls (100+), Magpie, Carrion Crow, a charm of Goldfinches (20), Woodpigeon, Collared Dove and a Sparrowhawk. As I moved on the clouds blotted out the sun and the temperature dropped considerably.

Further along the towpath I met a young Mute Swan who as usual wanted its portrait taken ... well I couldn't deny it a moment of fame now could I? All around me species such as Robin, Wren, Chaffinch, Long-tailed, Great and Blue Tits were calling from various directions while my ears locked onto an ever increasing volume of twittering and trilling .... I eventually estimated 80+ (Eurasian) Siskin feeding high in the canopy of Alders. A male Kestrel landed, partially hidden from view, about 20 yards away and the Siskins took flight but returned fairly promptly to continue their feast. Great Spotted Woodpecker and Jay were also logged. Moving onwards and scanning over the flooded pasture produced Gadwall (5), Teal (3), Pied Wagtail plus more Mallard and BH Gulls.

At the lake were more Canada Geese, Coot, Tufted Duck (12), Great Crested Grebe (2) and Cormorant(3) plus a fly-by Green Woodpecker. On my return journey along the tow path I added a single Little Grebe plus a Common Buzzard way up high to the north. The sun re-emerged on several ocaccasions and lit up a patch of Snowdrops.   FAB.


  1. The swan portraits are beautiful as are all the other images. I love seeing the crocus - a true sign of Spring!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Frank to you and yours. I love the bridge image and oh my gosh snow drops. Carol

  3. all the birds, Frank...but, boy oh boy, to see green grass and beautiful flowers again!! Glad they are blooming around you.

  4. Terrific images, Frank! Love the Swan, and the Snow Drops. Oh, where oh where is spring?

  5. Nice images Frank.. how i wish i could go out as much as you do... :)

  6. The collages were a nice touch today. What a beautiful 'scroll' I had visiting your post. Almost as good as being there! ~karen

  7. A definite hint of Spring there Frank, lovely photos here and on your last post. Nice to see the splash of yellow from the Grey Wagtail and the colourful Crocuses look so cheerful.

  8. I really love the Mute Swan photos... I definitely try to tempt some birds to sit still with promises of fame!

  9. Hi Lois. Yes, signs of Spring showing through at last. We just need an uplift in the temperature and some more sunshine.

    Hi Carol. Hope you had a splendid Valentine's Day.
    BTW the Snowdrops are Crocus!!

    Hi Amila. Dreaming is ok.

    Hi Kelly. I found a few more blooms in the garden yesterday so may post an image or two soon just for you.

    Hi Mona. Sorry ... I know Spring is a way off for you.

    Cheers Angad. One of the advantages of retirement.

    Thanks Karen. Delighted you enjoyed your 'scroll'.

    Hi Jan. Despite a few visits this year this was the first sighting of the Grey Wags. I'm fairly certain two of them were paired up by their flying antics.

    Hi Jen. Yes, the Swans always make an impression.

  10. Spring is in the air. Don't you just love the birdsong at the moment? It lifts the spirit....

    Lovely captures as always and the crocus image is beautiful. Many do not get the colour quite right (inlcuding myself)...well done, perfect.

    Tku so much for your very sweet and generous offer....

    Further down the line, I may just take you up on that......

  11. Thanks for remindimg me what a Coot looks like frank :-)

  12. Hi Cheryl. Yes, my Robin is already singing hours before it is light. I often find the flower colours (pinks & blues particularly) are not quite as they should. Somehow the camera got this one right!
    I'll be here when needed. FAB.

  13. Hi Warren. I can't think of too many wishing for a Coot!!

  14. What a brilliant day you documented.
    Lovely to follow you around.

  15. I was pleased to have a chance sighting of the rare fabearly birder (late winter plumage) in the car park at Epsom Common Stew Pond. Sorry I did not have time to walk but glad you saw a selection of local neighbours. The tree creepers are among my favourites. Keep on birding. Jo Wyatt

  16. Cheers Jo. Good to see you to. Keep your eyes peeled, you never know when I'll turn up or in what garb!


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