Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Patch Walk - Epsom Common Pond.

I spent a few hours wandering around Epsom Common Pond and its surroundings on Tuesday morning wondering why it seemed so quiet.
On the Great Pond where 2 resting Cormorants, a single Moorhen and 2 Grey Herons who as usual stayed well away from the camera. Several Song Thrushes were singing to one another and I caught glimpses of a flitting Goldcrest as it actively searched for a meal, 2 Coal Tits, plus the usual Great, Blue and Long-tailed Tits, Robin and Blackbird. Nuthatches and Great Spotted Woodpeckers were tapping and calling constantly but no sign of any Lessers or Treecreepers. Jay, Magpie, Jackdaw and a few Carrion Crows were also seen while the occasional Parakeet squawked as it passed overhead.. As I entered the woodland 5 Redpoll called as they flew over and just as it started to rain a flock of 50 Redwing streamed into the trees and then promptly moved off as a dog barked from a nearby pathway. Heading towards the path overlooking Rushett Farm I saw the recent evidence of substantial scrub clearance and heard the buzzing sounds of wood being sawn (part of the ongoing woodland management) ... with all that noise no wonder there was no avian activity!
So to keep myself occupied I tested out my new Canon Powershot S95 that I bought for Xmas to replace my non working Samsung Compact which for some unaccountable reason now appears to have repaired itself as if by magic!  Well at least I'll have a replacement should either of them fail in the future.
Heavily laden catkins dancing in the light breeze.
Greedy Greenfinches.

When I got home the garden birds were actively emptying the feeders again and to my surprise two Blue Tits emerged from the nest box behind the shed .... using it as an overnight roost or very early nest investigation?  Today I clearly heard the Blue Tits pecking away in side the box which in the past has usually been a precursor to nest building ... only time will tell.   FAB.


  1. Things getting better weather-wise? Great!

  2. I really love this post Frank. The moss on the tree is fantastic and I love the catkins. Carol

  3. Great results from the new camera Frank, and some good birds seen on your walk.

    You mention about the Blue Tits, and your nest box.
    I bought a couple more boxes for this year, after the success of the Blue Tits nesting. One was the same design, but a larger hole; hopefully to attract Great Tits.
    A Great Tit was in and out a box about a week ago; the one the Blue Tits used lol
    Oh well, have to see what happens.

  4. Looks like you had a good day! Nice series.

  5. You may have found your visit 'quiet' Frank but your account of it is beautifully descriptive and that is a very nice photo of the Cormorants.

    Your new camera has shown some great results too!

    I have just caught up with your last two posts, the Red Deer photos were lovely, such magnificent creatures! I also enjoyed the 'showy' Shoveler :)

  6. Hi Frank, it always gives me pleasure when someone sees lapwings.
    They appear to be quite rare now.
    We used to have a huge flock that used the field opposite our home, sadly I have not seen them for three years. I always live in hope.

    Greenfinches is another species I rarely see now. I used to have a dozen or more in the garden, now I am lucky if I see any.
    Can't remember the name of the virus that is taking their numbers down....I now wonder if this is the cause.

  7. Amila. Mostly gey and overcast but some real sunshine expected tomorrow.

    Carol. Thanks, I just snapped at the moss and catkins to see how the new compact would perform and didn't have any real birdie pics to post.

    Keith. Great Tits took control of the Blue Tit box 2 years ago ... just a question of who takes up residence first!

    Thanks Mona.

    ShySongbird. Cheers Jan .. I have to be in the mood to write anything lengthy! Delighted you enjoyed the Red Deer and the water walking Shoveler.

    Thanks Bob.

    Cheryl. I don't recall seeing Lapwings!! The parasitic virus is called Trichomonosis .... transmitted by their saliva.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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