Friday, 28 January 2011

Garden Update.

 No new visitors to the garden this week, just the regular House Sparrows often tussling with the very
greedy Greenfinches and you can guess who usually wins! An increasing number of visits by the Parakeets showing off their acrobatic skills on the feeders; the very docile Collared Doves and we still have a male Blackcap, Chaffinch and Siskin making regular forays for food in addition to the Coal, Blue and Great Tits plus Starlings and Blackbirds. No signs for three weeks of a Dunnock so maybe it hasn't survived the bad weather or hopefully found another location to find food!
With the temperature just above freezing I spent a few hours yesterday starting to tidy up the garden and was delighted to see signs of new growth. Many of the Hellebores are sporting flower buds so looks like we may have a good showing and it will be interesting to see what colours appear from some of the older seedlings. A Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) already in full bloom; a carpet of hardy Cyclamen leaves displaying their various patterns glistening after some rainfall with a few tight flower heads hidden below waiting to open; still a number of seed heads on one of the later flowering Clematis plus dense clusters of red buds on the Skimmia japonica 'Rubella' that hopefully will open to provide some fragrance around the patio in the spring.
Robin getting in a twist!

Over the past two days I have been making some changes to the blog by moving some information from the sidebar into NEW pages and I hope this has not disrupted any of my readers accessing the blog or leaving comments. (If you have experienced any difficulties then please let me know.) I still have some more work to do ... adding further information about my regular birding and wildlife watching locations etc. which I hope, in due course, everyone will find helpful.    Have a great weekend .... FAB.  


  1. Hi Frank...things are looking good around home.. some colorful visitors...if I ever saw a Parakeet at my feeder I would fall over dead..: }}although they have them as close as Connecticut!!
    Gardens looking good..bits of color....refreshing!!
    Nice..hope you have some goods days ahead!!

  2. Hi Grammie. Since the main Surrey roost broke up the Parakeets have been spreading out. I'm not sure how far it is to Connecticut but they have a habit of extending their range so who know in time you might me seeing one or two. I don't doubt you will have some tidying up to do once the snow disappears and the greenery emerges. Take care in the snow.

  3. Lovely series as always, Frank! And blooms in your garden already? We have tons of snow yet - no signs of spring, and I hear we're getting another 6" of snow this weekend.

  4. Hi Frank! I can't believe you already have a bit of green in your garden. Your little parakeets are so always seems they are out of place and should be in the tropics! You're lucky you have them.

    ...sweet little yoga Robin getting his stretch on!

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog - I recognize your name from Fenland Walker's blog:) I see you've been taking advantage of the weather to get out in your garden too. It's amazing what is hidden away under all those piles of dead leaves etc isn't it? I have a large variety of birds visiting my garden but it certainly doesn't include parakeets. They must be entertaining to watch.

  6. We are still buried under deep snow and your mentioning snow drops in full bloom made me long for spring. When growing up in Germany seeing the first snowdrops filled my heart with joy that winter would soon be over. I see you bought a Canon Powershot s95. How do you like it so far? Have you figured out all the controls?

  7. Hi Mona. I guess I shouldn't complain about the grey days when you may have even more snow to contend with.

    Hi Kelly. They may look exotic but extreemly noisy and can be quite destructive!

    Hi Rowan. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, entertaining providing there aren't too many of them.

    Hi Hilke. I guess you'll have to wait awhile to see the soil again. I agree the sight of the first blooms certainly gladdens the heart.
    Still playing with the S95 and trying to remember which dial does what ... may take some time!!

  8. Hi Frank Good to see the feeders are doing their job and attracting plenty of species.
    Had a Male Blackcap on the feeders today first one for three years, but the finches and tits seem to have taken a real hammering during the cold spell.
    Missed your last post but those are some stunnung shots of the Goldeneye, makes me a bit green, well done.

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

    I enjoy your blog very much. Excellent photographs, and I especially like the Header photo.

  10. Hi Monty. It's like a soup kitchen outside at the moment ... frantic feeding ... must be the drop in temperature.
    Glad you liked the Goldeneye .. not the easiest to grab with all that white and black!

    Welcome Willard. Thanks for the compliments and I hope I can keep you entertained with our UK wildlife.

  11. This layout is working just fine! I like what you are doing. I also prefer this comment tool.

    As for the post, Roy is posting wild flowers and you're in the garden. Meanwhile here on Cape Ann, we have had a whopping 60" of far!

    Love the Robin!

  12. Cheers Steve .. appreciate the approval.
    We did have a little flurry of snow in the wind yesterday but it's colder and greyer today so the gardening is on hold for a while!

  13. That's a busy garden you have there Frank. I've managed some tidy up too and also spotted new plant growth. We'll be a bit behind you but its great to see life coming back into the garden isn't it.

    Your parakeets always catch my attention. I still can't get the concept of these birds being out in the wild all year round.

    Enjoy tweaking your blog and your RSPB count. I'm guessing you'll be taking part :-)

  14. I'm jealous about your garden feeder visitors, Frank. About all I've seen in my backyard lately is doves, doves and more doves.

  15. You are such a lucky, lucky man to have all these birdies in your garden!

  16. Wonderful images as always! I enjoy seeing the parakeets. We don't have them in our area at home.

  17. Hi shirl. I took another wander around the garden today (in sunshine at last!) and the list of jobs continues to grow. Well, the green devils are definitely her to stay .. but didn't make an appearance during my hour count. Mainly Greenfinch and Sparrows devouring the feed again.

    Hi Kyle. Some days are better than others. Hopefully the spring mat bring in some fresh faces for the camera.

    Thanks Amila. They just know where to find a free meal!

    Hi Lois. Thanks, they do add to the colour during the grey days of winter.

  18. Lovely to see happy, healthy Greenfinches Frank and on your very clean looking feeders, which is a testament to how important it is to keep them clean and germ free! Some lovely shots. I wish I had Parakeets in the garden!

  19. Thanks Angie. I have noticed problems in the past but try to keep things as clean as possible and move the feeders around from time to time. I'm sure the Parakeets will eventually fly to the south west!


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