Monday, 24 January 2011

Just Chilling Out.

 While the 'master' of the Red Deer herd kept a watchful eye on his ladies .... AND the watcher ...
 .... everyone else was just chilling out and enjoying some brief winter sunshine ...
.... including a number of much younger Red Deer bucks.
Sniffing the breeze AND keeping one eye on you know who!
After a little bit of friendly play fighting .....
.... its time to chill out again.   FAB.


  1. Fantastic. I love the red deer. They're different from what I see around here in Kentucky. Love the play fighting photo too! Carol

  2. Thanks Carol. They were fun to watch as they gently tustled with one another.

  3. Terrific captures of the deer. The Master keeps everyone in check I think.

  4. A great encounter Frank.
    Such majestic animals; and they know it.

  5. Lovely shots Frank, they certainly are majestic beasts.

  6. BEAUTIFUL...!!!!
    GORGEOUS pics of the group of lady deers and the males; so great to see them so tranquil all toether!!!
    They love taking a sunbath too...soo lovely!!!!

    Spectacular shot of the "playing" males, Frank!!

    The red deers are highly protected in our woods; I am so glad..!

    Have a sunny week!!!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  7. They are fun, really good photos.

  8. Hi Mona. Yeah, he sure wears the crown.

    Hi Keith & Monty. Majestic says it all.

    Hi Elvira. These herds are also well protected in a 'Royal' park. Sunny week ... regretfully not!

    Thanks Bob.

    Hi Kathie. I was surprised to see such a large hareem.

  9. Fantastic images! How glorious to observe such a large herd. Viewing the group relaxing in the sunshine gave me a sense of peace. Love the young males play fighting. Fabulous post and photos!

  10. Thanks Julie. For a wild animal they were surprisingly docile.

  11. They look so nice all tucked together and just chilling. Handsome and beautiful are these ~

  12. Yes Mary .. amazing the effect a little sunshine has on all of us including nature that surrounds us.

  13. These are wonderful. A most impressive herd.

  14. Thank you Robin. They never fail to impress me.


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