Monday, 27 March 2017

Winter Birding.

A few images of species seen during my winter birding forays.

A reflective pair of Mute Swans on a very cold January day at Frensham Little Pond on the only ice free patch of water.

On the same January day a rare inland Surrey sighting was this juvenile Long-tailed Duck that spent some weeks at Frensham Great and Little Pond.

A Kestrel just taking off. A resident and regular sighting on my local patch.

On a sunnier day in January a record shot of a Dartford Warbler, a resident breeder on Thursley Common. This species appears to have fared well this winter.

A Kingfisher seen at Tices Meadows in February seeking food from a very small stream when most of the main water areas were frozen.

A trip to Staines Reservoir in early March produced this record image of a long staying male Scaup (top left) in the company of Tufted Ducks .....

... and during the same visit several Black-necked Grebes in various plumage's.

Finally, my favourite winter goose, the Dark-bellied Brent. Just one of a few thousand seen around Langstone Harbour earlier this month.

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  1. Lovely shots, we've just had a black necked grebe reported from Kings Mill Reservoir here, which has gotten folk very excited

  2. The juvenile Long-tailed Duck is a great find Frank, and the Black-necked Grebes, what another beautiful find.

  3. Bravo pour la Fauvette pitchou, on adore cet oiseau ;-)
    CĂ©line & Philippe

  4. my favorites are the swans and the kingfisher.

  5. A wonderful series of photos!
    My favorite - the Kingfisher

  6. Hi Frank,
    These are beautiful images of mute swans and kingfishers. The long-tailed duck I find really great. I myself have never been able to photograph. A nice blog with a great variety of birds.
    greeting, Helma

  7. Hello Frank
    Great observation, very nice shots and colors
    Greetings Frank

  8. Hello Frank, awesome variety and lovely photos of all the birds and ducks. Some of my favorites are the Long-tailed Duck, Kestrel and the Kingfisher. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  9. Very nice shots and such a good variety of birds. Especially love the kingfisher!

  10. What wonderful photos! You may have answered a question I've had about one of my ducks too...with that broad band of white on the side. I wondered what it might be! Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Just to seen ONE of the thousands of Brent would be a thrill of a lifetime for's beautiful.
    For all of us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin', I thank you for sharing this post!!
    You have some awesome photos today. Some quite similar to ours here in Texas. Love the red eyes of the grebes, don't you? And the kingfisher in the tall grasses, that is a picture post card image!!!

  12. Love the little Kingfisher...all are lovely!

  13. The Black Necked Grebe and Dark Fronted Goose are both gorgeous, though I enjoyed seeing all of the images you have shared here Frank~

  14. I have a photo of my mystery bird today and mentioned you too! Thanks!


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