Friday, 24 March 2017

Garden Friends.

With the promise of some sunshine today I decided to carry out some much needed work in the garden.

The massed bells of Lecucojum vernum (aka 'Spring Snowflake) were dancing in the light breeze.

While I had a break from digging up a patch of lawn the opportunistic Mr Blackbird decided it was a good time to root around for a meal.

He made quick work of locating a number of worms while occasionally stopping to check what I was doing! 

I'm pleased I made the effort earlier in the year to remove many of the large leaves on the Hellebore's which are now putting on a glorious show.

Elsewhere around the garden there is plenty of colour from the miniature Prunus, Hyacinths, Narcissus and Scilla siberica

As always the friendly Robin made an appearance. FAB.


  1. Oh those bells are so beautiful. Carol

  2. Hello, beautiful blooms and I love the pretty Robin! Have a happy weekend!


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