Friday, 1 April 2016

Patch Birds: Lapwing.

For the last five years I have regularly recorded the arrival of small numbers of [Northern] Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) during mid February on the stubble fields at Rushett Farm. The highest number logged was last year when there were 17 individuals but today I only noted 7 birds and had to wait very patiently for an individual to venture within the scope of my lens as it searched for insects on the sodden ground.

Unfortunately these distant, cropped shots don't really show off its glorious plumage; metallic glossy green upper-parts with blackish crest and bronze scapulars.

Most of the time the birds were in the air, flying low over the field, but occasionally they ventured much higher providing an opportunity to watch their highly acrobatic, tumbling display accompanied by their continuous bubbling, wheezy flight calls hence its common name 'Peewit'.

This is another species on the UK RED list due to the recent trend of breeding and population decline (1981-2015) with its European conservation status considered 'vulnerable' and globally as 'near threatened'. 

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  1. THey were tumbling yesterday at RSPB Langford. Or at least, one was. Great shots!

  2. Hi, Frank. About 20 years ago a Northern Lapwing showed up here in southern Ohio, USA. It spent two days foraging in a crop field within easy viewing distance of a well traveled two lane highway. Back then it wasn't as easy to spread the word about rare bird sightings, so only a few dozen birders managed to make it out in time to see the bird. It's unlikely I'll ever see another around here, but I still remember how beautiful that bird was. Thanks for triggering my memory of that exciting event.

  3. You did get some good shots here, and in that second mosaic the plumage and green colour shows quite well.

    Thanks for sharing.

    All the best Jan

  4. In the sun these LApwings have the most beautiful varied colour in their plumage. Lovely shots Frank. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hello, Frank! The Lapwing is one my favorite birds. I wish they were seen in my area! Great shots! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  6. Lovely pictures Frank. I have them on my patch too, but like you, the numbers have diminished quite substantially over the last five years or so. Worse than that, housing is now going to be built on their breeding ground.

  7. A new one to me. These Lapwing is a striking bird with it varied colors. Nice images!

  8. Pretty birds! I saw some from the car yesterday.

  9. Hello Frank
    That is really nice as an animal to get in front of the camera, at least here in Germany is the lapwing so infrequent that it is almost impossible to spot one or photograph
    greetings Frank

  10. Although the shots ate distant, they do convey the pleasure of having them in the area.


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