Thursday, 16 May 2013


Despite the lack of wind today and some welcome intermittent sunshine there didn't appear to be many butterflies on the wing. I did however manage to find a Brimstone (Genepteryx rhamni) which in the spring prefers yellow flowers and then in the autumn switches its allegiance to purple flowers.

This is a very long-lived butterfly that is one of the first species to appear after winter hibernation and some individuals live until July, often overlapping the next generation .  FAB.


  1. beautiful! wasn't sure what to expect with a name like brimstone. :)

    1. Theresa. You'll have to wait a while to see what a 'Gatekeeper' turns out to be!

  2. With your excellent photo you can see that the butterfly is a little the worse for wear.

  3. A really beautiful butterfly Frank.
    Managed to see quite a few recently, when the sun makes a rare appearance.

  4. Lovely shots Frank. I saw my first one today. I'm feeling sorry for butterflies. A second bad spring in a row so far. Let's hope things pick up!

  5. Great images got one to settle?...[;o)

  6. beautiful!!! never seen this butterfly

  7. I just saw one today for the first time ever!
    It must mean that Spring is finally on its way, what a flash of lemon sunshine it brought to my garden. I had to find out what it was, and your excellent photograph confirmed the name!
    Thank you.
    Best wishes


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