Sunday, 28 November 2010

Norfolk - More from Cley.

Continuing on from my previous post Norfolk Review (Part 2) Cley NWT. Tony and I followed the East Bank scanning either side for any new sightings.
 Greylag Geese feeding on the grazing marsh with Brent Geese and Wigeon in the distance.
 Little Egret gently creating ripples as it hunted for its prey.

 Black-tailed Godwit.


Two migrant species to look out for at this time of year are Shore Lark and Snow Buntings that often frequent the shingle seawall defences and we were not to be disappointed.
One of four Shore (Horned) Lark flitting about on the shingle.  (Regretfully I only managed a distant  record shot, heavily cropped, in very harsh sunlight!)

Both Tony and I did get to find at least 5 Snow Buntings but they were constantly feeding and hidden by a mound of vegetation so regretfully no pictures on this occasion so we trudged onwards across the pebbles to meet up with our other halves who were waiting at the beach car park.

 Pied Wagtail

During our walk back inland we added Canada Geese, Reed Bunting, Stonechat and Kestrel to the day list. As we we prepared to cross the road back to the car park I spotted a Barn Owl floating over the reeds.
I took this quick shot as it disappeared into the distance not expecting it to return, but I was wrong ... a few minutes later it returned and this time I was slightly better prepared to capture the following shots as the light began to fade.
What a glorious finale to an excellent few hours birding around the NWT reserve at Cley before heading off to Holkham to watch the Pink-footed Geese fly out to their night time roost.   FAB.


  1. What a great day out, great birds, great weather :-)

  2. Ah Frank, be still my beating heart. The barn owl is my favourite bird without any doubt.
    As a child I would walk the fields at sunset with my Grandfather and wait for the owl to swoop above us. You have bought back such fond memories.....tku.

  3. Sounds like an excellent trip... Those owl shots are fantastic and the wagtail is just adorable!

  4. Your blog is brilliant Frank, all of the birds are defiantly pure excellent.

  5. Shore Lark and Snow Buntings, two I've not seen before Frank. Nice one.
    A great day, but the icing, the Barn Owl!
    Excellent shots of it too.

  6. Ah, great images all, but I especially like the barn owl. :)

  7. A great collection in these two posts Frank and a couple of nice captures.

  8. Fabulous collection of shots, Frank. I love the Barn Owl, also the Pied Wagtail, the Little Egret....

  9. What an outing you had! Great photos all round.

  10. Frank, I'm never disappointed when I visit your posts. Incredible pictures of some pretty birds. I can't get over the shots of the barn owl! Great job! There's been a Greylag Goose up in Nova Scotia creating quite a stir among the birders there. Every other Rare Bird Alert I get in my inbox is about it!! ~karen

  11. What great shots of the barn owl! They are magnificent! Perhaps I should go birding with you!

  12. Great collection, Frank, not least the Shore Lark and the beautiful Barn Owl.

  13. Sure was Warren. Cley rarely fails to produce some interesting birds.

    Hi Cheryl. Have never failed to see Barn Owl in Norfolk ... wish I could say the sam around here. Delighted ino invoke some happy memories for you.

    Hi Jen. As you probably guessed, it's one of my favorite places to go birding ... pity it's so far away.

    Cheers Bob. You are far too kind.

    Thanks Keith. I'm sure you'll catch up with SL and SB sometime.

    Thanks Lois. As Keith said, the Owl was icing on the cake.

    Thanks Roy. Sorry they weren't all perfect!

    Hi Hilke. Glad you enjoyed these.

    Cheers Wilma.

    Hi Karen. The Barn Owl was a chance sighting in daylight ... just a pity it didn't come a little closer. Interesting to hear that one of our common geese species is causing a commotion on your side of the pond.

    Hi Kathie. It's always a delight to watch the silent flyer. You know you would be welcome any time.

    Thanks very much Emma.

  14. Wow you got an amazing sighting day! Congrats... I love the barn owl shot a lot, and I hope I'll see it next year! Your horned lark is beautiful even in the distance. I've never seen one!

  15. Hi Chris. I also hope you get to see the gracefully, silent Barn Owl hunting.

  16. Frank, how you get so many different birds in your posts, I will never know. But I love that about your blog the most. Gorgeous egret and wagtail. Never heard of a wagtail. Carol

  17. Looks like you got some brilliant birds in Cley, Frank. I've always wanted to see a Shore Lark. Lovely Barn Owl shots as well.

    Prehaps the forecasted snow tonight will bring some interesting birds into our Surrey gardens? ;)


  18. Hi Carol. Well I could post them all seperately but as you say that's no my style. Wagtails are passerines .. genus Motacilla .. small with long tails that they wag frequently .. hope that helps.

    Hi Billy. Probably didn't catch up with everything that was around but a good trip regardless. Who knows what the snow may blow our way!

  19. I nearly missed this Frank and didn't think it fitting to comment on it on your latest post.

    What a great day you had and lovely photos too. Like Keith I have never seen a Snow Bunting or a Shore Lark. I seem to remember you saw Snow Buntings there last year, you are lucky.

    What a treat to see the Barn Owl and also to get photos, as you said 'a glorious finale', it would definitely have made my day!

  20. Wonderful photos! Love the owl shots, and the boats, and the pied wagtail esp. I'm missing shore bird birding in milder climate already (visited W coast earlier this month).

  21. ShySongbird.
    Hey Jan, you have a good memory re the Snow Bunting. Fortunately my winter trips to Norfolk have usually come up trumps with this charming species, just a pity they weren't available for a photo this time.
    Any sighting of a Barn Owl is special, but to get some pics made it even more enjoyable.

  22. Hi Jann E. I would spend every day at the coast if it was on my doorstep.


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