Monday, 22 November 2010

A Very Grey Day.

As the morning slipped by the light was not really conducive for photography but undaunted I drove to Riverside Country Park for a stroll along the towpath and this was the scene that greeted me ... dull and overcast.
 However it wasn't all a lost cause as there was some wildlife to test the camera and the 'watcher' ....
 Egyptian Goose.
 Grey Heron hoping the reeds would hide him from any prey.
Tinkling sounds very high above in the waterside Alders alerted me to a flock of 20+ Goldfinches feeding together with a few Siskins who regretfully alluded the lens.
 A Jay also perched high above only permitted an undercarriage shot!
Four Little Grebes were seen on the river and tested my patience to get some reasonable shots as they constanty dived underwater leaving me to guess where they would resurface.
Other species seen were Canada Geese (40), Great Crested Grebe, Cormorant, Green Woodpecker, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Blackbird, Wren, Coot, Tufted Duck, Mallard, Teal, Shoveller (20), Black-headed Gulls, Magpie, Woodpigeon, Crow, Starling, Mute Swans and Pied Wagtails.
  Robin Redbreast is also hoping that the weather improves very soon.   FAB. 


  1. Despite the overcast skies I'm going to say that was a fairly successful walk. I love your robin red breast. He's smaller with more of a brighter breast than I'm used to. Happy Thanksgiving Frank to all of yours. Carol

  2. Well, for a grey day, you got some lovely images. I especially like the Egyptian Goose. Very nice.

  3. I really love seeing the little differences in species on opposite sides of the pond.. All your birds seem exotic and exciting to me, though they might be quite common to you..

  4. Love those Little Grebes; and they really are 'testing' aren't they.
    They always see me coming a mile off!

  5. Hi Frank, nice to see your posts again. I have fallen a bit behind in reading blogs so I know how easy it can be to fall behind in posting too. My problem seems to be too many ideas and not enough time. I enjoyed the Norfolk Review - Part 1 post and look forward to more in this series. Glad all is well.

  6. Hi Frank,
    Nice pictures despite the grey day.. I'll give you waxwing if you send me one of these little grebes. I've only seen it once in Morocco and was not able to take a nice picture of it!!

  7. Hi Frank, dull and grey the weather may have been but with the added touches of Mother Nature it brightens the whole image.

    I like the Egyptian goose, a first for me....

  8. An enjoyable walk Frank and at least the weather was decent enough for you to get out. The days where it never really gets light are the killers I think!

    The Little Grebes can be so frustrating! You just think you have one nicely lined up for a shot and it's disappeared under the water, sometimes seemingly, never to be seen again :)

    I love the Robin at the end, they manage to brighten any day :)

  9. I love the Little Grebes, and the Egyptian Goose is really good.

  10. Hi spite of a grey day you managed to find some very colorful interesting birds....always good to see things in a natural setting isn't always a nice day! ; }

  11. Might be a bit more picturesque this weekend Frank, snow and ice forecast. Like the Little Grebe photo :-)

  12. Hi Carol. Yes, it's true to say you should never prejudge what you may or may not see on a grey day in the UK. Best wishes for Thanksgiving Day.

    Hi Lois. Thanks. I've just caught up with your road trip and basking in the gorgeous fall colours.

    Hi Jen. Well it's the same story for me when I see what you are watching.

    Hi Keith. Yeah, difficult little beggars!

    Hi Beatrice. Thanks for finding the time to drop by.

    Hi Chris. I'm not sure the Dabchick has a big enough engine to fly that far!

    Hi Cheryl. You are so right. Glad to oblige with the Egyptian ... fairly common around us.

  13. Hi Jan. I'm sure we will have a few more grey days to contend with. Getting out is no problem, it's just that the camera (or more likely the operator) doesn't perform so well!

    A Robin a day keeps the soul alive.

    Hi Bob. Cheers my friend.

    Hi Grammie. As usual I see more than the camera is able to capture. I just enjoy being outside in the fresh air.

    Hi Warren. Gosh, I may to dig out the thermals ... BRRRRR.

  14. Great photos, especially considering the conditions.

  15. Wonderful birds and photos Frank! I hope that little Robin got his wish!

  16. I like the Dabchick shots Frank, they still have a nice lot of summer colour about them.

  17. Wonderful to see the water and each Bird you capture. I have some coming into my feeders that I fill everyday and now that the snow is here I know I need to keep on feeding them.
    Fanstic post

  18. These are fantastic! So glad you are back to posting!!

  19. Hi John. Cheers but quite a few went in the bin, as usual.

    Hi Eve. The weather improved today so I guess he did BUT it all could change tomorrow!

    Hi Roy. Yes, but probably won't last for much longer.

    Hi Lisa. Thanks for reminding me .. snow is forecast here soon and the feeders are nearly empty again!!

    Hi Kerri. Thanks and as always I appreciate your visits and comments.


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