Saturday, 9 October 2010


A few images from the recent archives when the sun was high in the sky which doesn't make photography easy but does sometimes produces some interesting reflections.
Young Dabchick.

Great Crested Grebe
Interesting watercolours produced by the sun filtering through the waterside vegetation.
Marbled Teal (Collection species at Barnes WWT)
Terrapin sunbathing.


  1. All the images are lovely, but the terrapin is just terrific!

  2. Hi Frank..Marvelous reflection!!
    Hoping everything is well with you and have a great Sunday!!

  3. each shot a work of art, Frank.

  4. Their reflections are so crisp and clear. The turtle is very cool.

  5. Oh my, these are great! Love the Marbled Teal reflections. They're all good - couldn't really pick a fave.

  6. Beautiful Frank. I love your grebe shots and wonder why we do not have more species of them over here. I love these birds a lot!

  7. Fantastic reflections and great shots. Love the Grebes!

  8. these are lovely reflective photos! Well done!

  9. That is a nice series.I like especially the Marbled Teal, a great looking bird.

  10. Really great shots Frank, especially the Grebes.

  11. Wonderful reflections and shadows Frank and the colours of the water do look like watercolours being produced from the sun. Have a great week coming forth~

  12. Frank, nice job with the reflections. I like these. Carol

  13. Great shots Frank, and the last few posts have all been fantastic. Pagham brings back so many mamories for me.

  14. Thanks Lois, he was surely enjoying his sunny position.

    Thanks Kerri.

    Hi Grammie. Very little change on the PJB front but we are all holding up.

    Hi Wilma. You are too kind.

    Ta very much Joanne.

    Hi Mona. Glad you liked them.

    Hi Chris. May have something to do with their food source and nesting requirements?

    Thanks Eileen. The Grebes have been fairly accommodating recenty!

    Hi Susan. Thanks very much.

    Cheers Sarah.

    Thanks Harold. I liked the pattern on that one as well.

    Thanks Bob.

    Hi Mary. I'll do my best this week..hoping for some sunshine.

    Thanks Carol.

    Cheers Tony. Hopefully I'll be able to share some more for your delight in future from Pagham.

  15. I find reflections my favorite for water animals. I get great pleasure and smile when I see them as successful as yours. I'm always out on the hunt when the sun is up and high just to capture what you have done here so to see these is a great lesson for me to follow in future endeavors!

    Take care, my friend.

  16. Hi Michele. As always you are very gracious with your comments. Have fun hunting down those beautiful reflections from the Rockies. FAB.


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