Sunday, 17 October 2010

Odds and Ends.

The 'watcher' has been very lazy during the past few days so here are a few odds and ends to keep things ticking over while I decide where I might go this week in between various family commitments. 
Comma waiting to take off .... where to next I wonder.
Small White taking a sip or two.
 Spider ... just hanging about .... a bit like me!
 A Wasp ... climbing up the wall (actually a wooden post).
Ladybird ... looking for a meal maybe or just somewhere to hide.

Enjoy your wildlife watching, wherever you are.  FAB.

Camera Critters


  1. Very clever odds and ends. I especially like the last image. Nice colors and composition. :)

  2. Thanks Lois. My .. my you where quick to comment tonight!

  3. Good pictures Frank, especially the one of Small White butterfly.

  4. Hi Frank..The Lady bug in the dried silk of the thistle is precious!!
    Hope your week goes well!

  5. Frank, all of these are really charming macros yet I must say the Lady Bug is really a beauty. I love the spent posie it is on and the elements allow for the bug to really show off~

  6. the first photo, love the bright orange against the drab colors in the background. It's striking. Same with the ladybug in the last photo. She looks like she's found a nice little bed!

  7. My,they all seem to be burrowing in...perhaps they sense what's coming.Great shots!

  8. Very elegant shots! Even the spider.

    Erika B

  9. Super Comma, Frank. There were two perfect Commas on a blackberry bush when I was in Suffolk but they had gone before I got out my camera.

  10. Very nice Frank! So nice to still see a butterfly or two :)

  11. Earlybirder, I am enjoying wildlife where ever I am. Nice shots and thanks for all your help and encouragement. I FINALLY got my storage enabled and am posting pictures once again!

  12. Enjoyed your odds and ends Frank, especially that Comma.

  13. Really neat shots Frank...I esp like that comma one. Hope your next outing is a fab-ulous one!

  14. They are all very cool pictures Frank, and I guess that like all of us, the subject will soon change for you too, going back to more winter-like atmosphere ;-)

  15. Exquisite photo series! All are wonderful but I am especially fond of the comma and ladybug images. Always a treat to view your blog.

  16. Frank, wonderful shots of such small creatures all around and my vote is also for the colorful ladybug in the dried out flower - really stands out and you can just think of it currowing in possibly for some warmth.

  17. Hi Bob. With the fall in temperatures I doubt we will see many more Whites.

    Hi Grammie. A mixed bag this week and all depends on the weather.

    Hi Mary. Delighted you liked that one.

    Hi Kelly. Yes, the Comma certainly shows up well and the Ladybird is as snug as a bug in a rug ... so to speak.

    Hi Susan. I'm sure they all know that summer is long gone.

    Hi Erika B. Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Emma. You know what they say "Always be prepared". Don't worry I can recount lots of similar

    Hi Jan. These will probably be the last for 2010.

    Hi Kathie. I'm delighted you have got sorted out. I'll be dropping over very soon.

    Hi Jann. Thanks. Unfortunately todays walk didn't produce anything but I live on hope.

    Hi Chris. The signs are all around us ... winter is on its way.

    Hi Julie G. Thanks, I always appreciate your visits and comments.

  18. Wonderful series, Frank. Love that Butterfly!

  19. Wonderful macros, Frank!! The Ladybug shot is so cute! Great butterfly captures!!

  20. Great shots Frank, the Ladybird gets my vote.

  21. Hi Beatrice. Seems the Ladybird is very popular.

    Thank you Mona.

    Hi Cindy. Glad you enjoyed these.

    Thanks Glenn.

    Cheers Monty.

    Hi Sarah. Thanks very much.

  22. These are super! I'm a big fan of the ladybug :)

  23. Hi Kerri. Me to and the garden would be a sad place without them.

  24. Fascinating world of Insects...!

    ...So very unusual and magnificient the little Lady Bug in it's "warm nest"....GORGEOUS PIC!

    Hm; the spider is pretty round.....he could be a far cousin of my spider; which has redone for the third time a wonderful net in a principal entrance door of my home; we just let him do and together with my jounger son (10) we can follow some real great "spider behaviour" and "hunting tactics"....!

    have a great weekend, Frank!
    ciao ciao elvira

  25. Hi Elvira. Yes, the spiders are interesting to watch especially as they weave their intricate webs.
    Hope you and the family have a wonderful weekend. ciao ciao FAB.


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