Thursday, 7 October 2010

Little Grebe.

I have been seeing lots of Little Grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis) recently whenever I visit any of the local waters and it is interesting to watch the antics of the youngsters now they have gained independence from their parents.
 A ball of fluffy damp feathers floating on the water.
See that intense gaze as this individual was busily peering into the water .....
 .... and without any warning it just disappeared.   

Have fun whatever you are watching. FAB.


  1. Awesome photos! What a sweet looking bird. I love the water droplets!

  2. This brings great memories when I studyied the lest grebes in Venezuela.

    Thank you for the Tweet

    Leopoldo Garcia
    Editor/Professional Naturalist

  3. They must have been great fun to watch!

  4. Excellent shots Frank.
    They always see me coming, and disappear long before I get close lol

  5. It is a beautiful youth, absolute dream.

  6. That little one was really concentrating hard on the next meal. Great close shots Frank.

  7. Excellent Frank and lucky you. I've seen this bird only once in Morocco. They are really cute these youngsters and you got nice pictures ;-)

  8. Lovely shots Frank, Little Grebes seem to have had a good season this year as there are lots down here, Just for info just come back after visiting the Green Heron, but only had a brief view. Got 100 yrds from home and it came up on the pager showing well, guess I'll have to wait another 121 years for the next one.

  9. Frank, such a sweet looking bird and I love it's expressions~ Have a great weekend~

  10. Delightful photos, Frank. There were lots at Draycote last year but I have only seen one there this time and unfortunately the only photo I managed, before it did its underwater disappearing act, was totally out of focus!

  11. Thanks for all your comments on the little Dabchick.
    Usually tricky fellows to get so close to and they disappear underwater at the blink of eye but at this location it was unperturbed by my presence, so lucky me. FAB.

  12. Hi Leopoldo. Thanks for your visit and comments. Cheers FAB.


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