Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Mobile Bird Scarers.

During a recent visit to Oare Marshes I witnessed these cows crossing the East Flood and the resulting effect on the various waders that were quietly feeding or sleeping until their space was invaded!

I will post my other sightings and a few pics when I can find some time away from other issues that are needing my attention at this time. FAB


  1. Haha! Mobile bird my mind I pictured scarecrows on wheels when I read your title.

  2. They'd be enough to spoil any day out birdwatching lol
    Love the new header Frank.

  3. Hi Frank,
    A beautiful sequence and an original one! I love it...

  4. Better cows than unleashed dogs though!

  5. Yes, better cows than dogs! Your Header is an absolute stunner!!! Love it.

  6. I am surprised at the combination of cows and birds. Is that private land? If the cows are in the area all the time I would have thought the birds would become used to them??

  7. Great new header picture Frank. And the cows don't look THAT scary!

  8. Kelly. Funny...great minds think alike..I thought that after I had typed the title!

    Keith. Everything soon returned to normal so no harm done.

    Chris. I wish I had carried on snapping...the cow nearly sank!!

    Warren & Mona. Absolutely. This is one location where I have never seen a dog off a lead.

    Ginnymo. I thought you might.

    Mick. It's a nature reserve where they use Konick horses to graze the land. I think the cows are interlopers but the birds soon resettled.

    Tricia. Thanks. They were just playing 'follow the leader'!

  9. Frank great capture!! you were definately in the right place at the right time.

  10. Oh...cow and birdwatching..nice sport.
    Great photos..

  11. You just caught a great series of pictures of nature getting along with each other and respecting each other's needs ;) ...too bad 'mankind' hasn't learned that lesson.


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