Friday, 28 August 2009

Mute Swans - Stoke Lake

On Wednesday the weather forecast was showers and strong winds and whilst this would not be ideal for wildlife watching I took a spin over to Stoke Lake to blow the cobwebs away! As expected there was very little avian activity as I followed the tow path and then crossed the boardwalk heading towards the lake. I did see Common Blue Damselflies and Common Darter battling the strong breeze at the waters edge but rarely perching for a rest or indeed a photocall.
At the top end of the lake there were masses of Canada Geese and as I paused a family group of Mute Swans drifted over to investgate this intruder.

One of the parents headed straight for me and gave me the once over and .......
satisfied that I presented no threat adopted the classis "S" shape pose.
The cygnets were also very much at ease as they drifted around looking for something tasty to eat.

And finally did a bit of preening.
The next inquisitors were a party of Mallards but I'll leave them for another post. FAB.


  1. Very nice shots. I surprised how big they are. We have tundra swans migrating through here in the fall on the Mississippi

  2. They are so beautiful and your photos are amazing.
    Looking at your pictures brought back the memory of the time I was chased by a swan...many years ago!
    Sunny :)

  3. Most outstanding Frank,lovely Photography,great set of Images.

  4. I was sure I had commented on your last post Frank ( I definitely looked at it and enjoyed it) but on checking I see that I couldn't have, not sure what went wrong there :( Anyway, I loved the photos of the Common Darter.

    The photos on this post are beautiful, you have really captured the serene quality of this bird. Excellent Frank!

  5. The cygnets look as if they are covered with a fine-napped fur instead of feathers. Gorgeous.

  6. Lovely series! The cygnets are gorgeous.
    Do you normally have so much rain, or is this an off summer? We are baking over here and quite in need of a shower or two!

  7. I love these Frank. That 'S' pose, and the low angle of the dabbling cygnets, great shots.
    Such obliging birds. If only all birds were that obliging. lol

  8. Hope the cobwebs have gone Frank :).

    Great pics of the cygnets and I like the "low" shots. The pair of pics with the cygnet drinking is particularly good.

  9. great set of photo's - Mute swans a scarce visitor to my patch, mainly flying over.

  10. They are always so photogenic arn't they Frank. Lovely portraits.

  11. Mute Swans are so laid back and fun to shoot. I like what you have done with this post.

  12. Lovely shots! The Cygnets are so pretty.

  13. Hi "Early Birders".

    troutbirder. Mutes are common, resident breeders & as you indicated much larger than the Tundra (Beswick's).

    Sunny. Thank you. Yes, I think many of us have been 'hissed at' by a MS when we have got too close for comfort.

    JRandSue. Cheers John.

    Jan. Glad you appreciated the Common Darter. I checked all my in coming comments & don't think I deleted your in error! The swans were very obliging on this occasion so it was just a case of sit still & snap away.

    Wilma. Yes,, it's not until you get a good close up that you realise how fine their feathering is.

    Kelly. Definitely gorgeous & growing up very fast. Last summer was a bummer - wet, wet, wet. This year we have had more sunny days but still intermitent rain from the west!

    Keith. Thanks mate. It was an unexpected encounter so made the best of it.

    Tricia. Feeling a lot better after this enforced rest. For once I even got my knees damp to get the lower angles!

    Warren. Thanks. I also rarely see any on the local Stew Pond.

    Jenny. Difficult to pass by without taking a snap or two.

    Steve B. Always appreciate your expert opinion. Cheers.

    Mona. Thank you.

    Have a good week everyone. FAB

  14. Really wonderful shots of a beautiful bird.

  15. Jann. Thanks for stopping by & leaving your kind comment. FAB


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