Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Back to "The Glade" - Darters &...

Last weekend Anita and I made a return visit to 'The Glade' within Hill House Wood at Bookham Common. It was fairly breezy and very little avian life was showing although Nuthatches were calling all over the place. Butterflies were also thin on the ground with just brief sightings of a very tatty Silver-washed Fritillary, Speckled Wood and a Gatekeeper. However there were a few Darters around and using the 70-300 lens I found what I believe is a female Common Darter.

Tatty Silver-washed Fritillary
Speckled Wood
A Ruddy Darter


  1. Nice shooting, Frank. The first shot is just classic! I'm still not seeing many butterflies around here, but lots of dragons.

  2. I would agree with your female Common Darter ID Frank. Great pictures especially the last one of the darter!!

    Apparently Bookham Common (Hill Farm area)I is home to Purple Emperors - but I think I'm a bit too late for them this year :(

    You might find this link interesting:

  3. Lynne. Many, many thanks.

    Steve B. Cheers. I'm still having a few problems getting the sharpness & depth using the zoom at max! But as you always say 'practice makes perfect'.

  4. Hi Tricia. Thanks for the confirmation ID. I'm aware of the location for the Purple Emperor but haven't scored yet! Mid July is best time. We will have to wait another year.

  5. Great detail in those shots!

  6. Great close up of the Darter Frank in the third, and that poor old Silver-washed Fritillary has seen better days.

  7. Hi Frank,
    Beautiful shots of the darter... So the wind blew away the birds ;-) It is a bit like here, rain and wind and no birds, and we do not have dragonflies, so nothing to spot or to take pictures off. Even a scenery would be pretty desperate to get as the light is very bad at the moment...

  8. Larry. Thanks. I enjoyed looking at the art you posted plus the very colourful Swallowtail.

    Keith. Yeh, the SWF looked a bit how I was feeling...worn out!

    Hi Chris. I understand how frustrating it must be for you particularly after the trip to France with all those new sightings to sort out. Hope these memories will keep you going until the weather improves.

  9. Very nice shots of the Female CD Frank.

  10. Really great shots. I love Dragonflies they are so easy to photograph. I have the worst luck with butterflies though. They just won't sit still for me.

    Have you ever seen a pink butterfly? I did!!! and I can't find any information on there being a pink butterfly in existence. Unfortunately I didn't get a photograph.

    I love the cow photos.

  11. All so lovely, Frank. The darter shots are absolutely stunning!

  12. Those common darters are difficult at this time of year. The males start to lose thier 'red' and looklike females. ( so greenie says)

  13. Roy. Much appreciated.

    Cindy. I agree, anything is easier when it sits still. You should try early am when butterflies first come out to feed & are generally less skitish. NO, I've never seen or heard of a 'pink' one.

    Heather. I'm glad you liked them.

    Warren. I agree they can be confusing & I don't have a really goood ID guide yet. The thick black darts along the abdomen suggest this is female.

  14. Frank!!! Wow your dragonfly shots are FANTASTIC excellent work!! The light is perfect.

  15. Hi Crista. Thank you for your appreciative comment.

  16. Great stuff,shots like these don't come easy.
    So weldone .

  17. Cool!!! Beautiful captures of the darter. I love the face on that third photo. Looks like a little cartoon dog with whiskers and shades! Beautiful veining in the leaves as well.

  18. Hi Kelly. Thanks. Now I've taken another look I see what you mean by the 'cartoon face'!


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