Sunday, 24 July 2016

Black Darters.

Once the temperature increased following a very early morning wander around Thursley Common yesterday I spent a little time hunting down the Black Darters (Sympetrum danae) alongside the boardwalk. 

While plenty were seen unfortunately very few individuals were perched within range of the lens but here are a few reasonable images.

A mature male Black Darter.

A pair in the classic 'mating wheel'
 A female Black Darter.

Another mature male with a damaged wing.

An immature male Black Darter.

Just before I decided to leave these delightful small dragons in peace a mature male was located against an uncluttered background.
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  1. Thank you for sharing all this beauty! Ver nice. The last photo is so special. How nice are the wings.

  2. much more than reasonable! wonderful shots!

  3. Winning shots of a species I've never seen. Always lots of common darters around here

  4. Lovely images - these are great!
    Thanks for joining the party at

  5. Greats odes photos Frank.. Michelle


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