Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Twittering Linnet.

The [Common] Linnet (Carduelis cannabina) is a small slim finch that I occasionally encounter on my local patch but a species I associate with coastal, farmland and heathland habitat. This individual was photographed during a visit to Thursley Common in late April so not in full breeding plumage when the forehead and breast is much more predominately red.
This delightful little finch with its melodious twittering (see recording below) was once very popular as a caged bird but the UK population has seen a dramatic breeding decline over the past few decades and hence it has been on the Red Status list since the mid 60's.

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  1. Nice shots Frank. Our local Linnets never pose this well for me.

  2. Great photos. I remember reading that they used to be kept as caged birds - the song would certainly make that popular.

  3. Delightful time with a sweet bird!

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  4. A bird I hope to see when I visit the UK in a couple of weeks.

  5. yes Linnets are delightful little birds and these are good images of them

  6. Great shots Frank. I think its a very underrated bird, and it has a lovely song too.

  7. Hello, Your Linnet is a beautiful bird! Great shots!

  8. Pretty bird and pretty song.

  9. we have plenty round Newark, out in the paddocks with the yellow wagstails, or hanging around on the chain link fence at work at 6am! Very busy little birds on the ground!

  10. A sweet bird! I wasn't able to listen to its call.

  11. Frank, what a sweet bird and what a lovely sound! It makes me think of meadows and pastures!


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