Monday, 13 July 2015

Large Skipper.

On the wing from late May to mid August it is rare for me not to encounter the robust and our brightest 'orange' skipper, the Large Skipper (Ochlodes sylvanus) during my local walks. Whilst this is the most widespread skipper species, here in Surrey it is generally less numerous than the Small Skipper. 

The distinctive wing coloured patches plus the strong dark sex brand on the male's upper forewings make it relatively easy to identify.

Unlike other skippers the male Large Skipper adopts a perching strategy to await a passing female and even after disappearing to defend its territory it will often return to exactly the same location thus providing easier opportunities for the 'watcher' to get these images.

I'll find some comparison shots of a Small Skipper for a forthcoming post.  FAB.

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  1. FINE! Particularly the face on portrait!


  2. Beautiful images of the large skipper Frank. I have only seen small skippers here.
    many come into the conservatory.......I seem to spend these days trying to rescue them :)

  3. Absolutely love those close-ups and vibrant colors.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. the smalls are sandier coloured I think. Lots of them about in my vicinity

  5. …he is quite debonair! Lovely shots...

  6. Great shots, I esp. love the 2nd one! And I always love macro critter shots. :)

  7. Great photos!
    Thank you for linking up at Hope to see you each week!

  8. what a handsome fellow he is.

  9. So beautiful. He is watching you, watching him.

  10. Frank, What a furry critter. Sylvia D.

  11. Is this a moth or butterfly? It looks more like a moth. How do you get such great detail. :)

  12. That second full frontal is amazing Frank


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