Friday, 19 June 2015

Old Lodge Nature Reserve.

Following on from a previous post 'Obliging Redstart', for which I thank everyone for their appreciative comments, as promised I'm returning to Old Lodge Nature Reserve with a few other images taken during my late morning stroll around this heathland location in East Sussex including a few gates and fences. (Linking to Good Fences hosted by TexWisGirl). 

The first avian species seen was a Common Redstart that flew from the pathway in front of me and disappeared into the nearby woodland. 

Some time later I had a much closer encounter and you can view some of those images in my earlier post and on FABirding.

Tree Pipits were also very vocal but unfortunately failed to come within range of my lens. A Cuckoo was also heard calling but not seen.

I saw several species of Moths but only one settled long enough ... a very tatty Common Heath. (Thanks to Dave for the ID correction).

The view beyond the fence line gives an indication of the terrain ... a fairly deep sided valley. I enjoyed the downward journey but didn't relish the steep climb up the other side!


Despite the warmer temperature there were very few butterflies seen apart from Speckled Wood, a couple of Brimstone and this Small Heath that was very flighty.  

On the downward slope I located a small patch of Common Spotted Orchids.

Another heathland specialist is the Stonechat, often spotted on a high perch, and I also watched one pair feeding youngsters hiding in a stand of gorse.

And finally (no apologies) for another shot of the Common Redstart that was definitely the star species during this visit.


  1. love that bird! wonderful shots! great rustic fences and railings, too. thanks, frank!

  2. The Common Redstart is quite beautiful.

  3. Fantastic images of the rustic fencing, birds, critters and blooms.

  4. Gosh Frank tat lst shots of the Redstart is brilliant but I love this place that you go for walk in. Great weathered fences and a beautiful Orchid. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Gorgeous birds, butterflies and blooms. Lovely images and fence find. The reserve looks like a pretty spot! Have a happy weekend!

  6. A perfectly posed Redstart, Frank! I love walking in places like this...:)JP

  7. Some beautiful shots (and critters). Kudos.

  8. Remember watching stonechats up on the heathland behind the high cliffs of Boascastle, the one time I have ever seen them. Should have seen more, they are common enough out in the Notts sticks

  9. Zulke gebieden zijn onmisbaar voor mens en dier.

  10. Frank it s a lovely post, all the feeling of late spring and early summer. Your moth is a day flying Common Heath, but very worn.


  11. such pretty scenery. i love your rustic fence captures.

  12. Lovely nature shots, I enjoyed them all.


  13. picturesque--the close-up of the leaning fence with the pink flower is fab (it has calendar shot written all over it!). :-)

  14. Great images. Looks like a fabulous place to visit.

  15. I love this place ... The hills look well worth the climb, tho they would probably defeat my Florida flat land accustomed legs. My only complaint is I don't think that beautiful bird should be called "common" anything. (Yeah I know, I know ...but)


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.

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