Friday, 13 March 2015

Patch Surprise.

During my regular patch walks when I reach the bottom of these steps that lead up to the Great Pond I have no idea what I might find (unless the wildlife is talkative) so there is always an anticipation that something different might be on the water or lurking in the surrounding vegetation.

Yesterday morning the only sounds were those of Mallard talking and Coot scolding one another and on reaching the top of the embankment a quick scan only produced the aforementioned species plus Moorhen, two Canada Geese and a distant male Teal. My initial thoughts were that this visit would be a waste of time BUT a further scan of the waterside vegetation produced two unusual visitors including a first sighting for the patch.

A pair of Greylag Geese were accompanied by a single Barnacle Goose but they were obviously wary of any intruder and floated away to the far end of the pond. I then spent over an hour stalking quietly around the perimeter, peering through the branches and eventually managed a few frames to record this very unusual sighting. More images to follow in a future post. FAB.

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  1. what a cool sighting! poor lonely fellow! :)

  2. Must be fun not knowing what you get
    to see once you're up there :)
    Love the second one, it shows all their
    beautiful details. :)

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. Nice shots, Frank! That Barnacle Goose is very striking.

  4. Looks like good sturdy steps. Loved all the shots.

  5. Its always good to see something different Frank. Makes it all worth while sometimes.
    They are a lovely looking species.

  6. That's a good surprise Frank..and a patch tick too, can't be bad?...[;o)

  7. An unusual and opportune sighting to see one Barnicle Goose. Another may appear, it just might be hiding in the reeds.

  8. I am amazed at the different species you have in your walks Frank. Beautiful colors and markings on the Barnacle and what a find for you. I know how you feel to see a bird not normally seen. Have a good weekend, it is raining hard here right now. Carol

  9. het is toch altijd de moeite waard.

  10. Good spot...I'm always eyeing up the flocks of canadas on my local waters for a fugitive barney!

  11. Hi Frank lovely images , always nice when you come accross the unexexpected. Have not seen a barnacle for a couple of years.
    Nice one


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