Saturday, 25 October 2014

Strutting his stuff.

Following on from my previous post, Cooling Off, this Red Deer stag, after rooting around in the waterside vegetation, suddenly decided to show off by strutting through the water towards the far end of Heron Pond..

He finally re-emerged from the water just 30 feet from where I was standing, partially camouflaged behind a large tree trunk, and proceeded to amble slowly but purposefully in my direction. I'll admit that my heart rate skipped a few beats as he got closer and ....

... maybe just a bit too close for comfort as I could feel the air vibrate as he spoke!  

Needless to say he had other matters on his mind and totally ignored me and all the other nearby watchers as he wandered away. FAB.


  1. Your photography is magnificent! His breath wow. He must of had a real verbal sound very mighty.

  2. yikes! i'd not want to be that close! but he's beautiful!

  3. Fabulous shots but no 5 is fantastic and probably too close for comfort.

  4. Superb photos of this beautiful deer, Frank! He's pretty impressive!!

  5. Wow. The big guy gets the right-of-way for sure. Glad he didn't decide to pick a fight with any humans.

  6. Brilliant close shot Frank. How is you tree climbing expertise ;)

  7. Wow! You have some monster deer over there! Generally they look at you for a few seconds and then run away over here.-Stunning close up with the mouth wide open!


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