Thursday, 5 July 2012

Silver-washed Fritillary.

A hunch paid off today. With an improvement in the weather I headed over to my favourite 'butterfly glade' on Bookham Common this morning and although the initial sightings were high above in the leaf canopy once the sun broke through a few male Silver-washed Fritillarys (Argynnis paphia) eventually decided to descend upon one of their favourite nectar sources.

Other butterfly sightings included Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Comma, Large Skipper plus two or three high flying White Admirals but no sign of any Purple Emperors. Common Blue Damselflies were around in good numbers together with Broad-bodied Chasers and a female Ruddy Darter.  FAB.


  1. this one's in mint condition, too! perfectly beautiful!

  2. Thanks Theresa. Always lifts the spirits when this species appears in its fresh colours.

  3. Beautiful! I'm not sure how to identify one fritillary from another, but they are lovely.

  4. Once again stunning images Frank.
    Superb colours,well captured.

  5. Beautiful shots Frank.

    The sun certainly had the butterflies on the wing today. I saw more in an hour, than I have all year.

  6. I love 'em. They are beautiful, when they sit down.

  7. What a beautiful butterfly it is and one I have yet to see! Great captures Frank :-)

  8. I'm very happy that you "frittered"away a bit of time on this lovely creature.

  9. Superb captures Frank. Not sure I've seen them around here but I'll look now.

  10. Lovely shots Frank,
    Haven`t seen many flutters this year and definitely no Silver-washed Fritillaries, maybe if the sun ever comes out again I may get lucky!
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  11. Frank, I've just realised that you aren't on my 'watch' list, and I've no idea why! it's been rectified now though.

    So you've got all the Butterflies, I wondered where they were!

    Beautiful shots of the S-w Fritillary (and more excellent images in your previous few posts)...[;o)

    I was saddened to read of your family's recent loss, my thoughts and condolences are with you all.

  12. Hi Sharon M. Thanks ... a good ID guide always helps me.

    JRandSue. Cheers John.

    Cheers Keith. What a difference a bit of sunshine makes.

    Thanks Bob.

    ShySongbird. Jan, you need to find a broadleaved woodland with open rides and check out the brambles and thistles.

    Hi Susan. I could easily spend all day watching this colourful species.

    Thanks Phil. Keep them peeled.

    Hi John. My overall sightings are well down on previous years.

    Cheers Trevor. Thanks for adding me to your list and for the kind words.

  13. Hi Frank,
    They do seem to love the thistle.

    Funny you should mention the weather. Becky and I flew through Heathrow on our way to Madrid. I was looking forward to seeing the English country side, but rain and low clowd cover on the 26th of June and the 3rd of July prevented us from seeing much. I'm glad the weather impoved.

  14. Hi Steve. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get a birds eye view of our glorious green countryside.

    As for todays weather we now have 100 flood warnings (mainly in the north UK) and unless the jetstream moves back northwards the wet weather will continue for another 3-4 weeks!

  15. Hi Frank, What a gorgeous butterfly... He's just perfect!!!!! AND you captured him well... Great set of photos.

  16. Great shots Frank. I've not seen many butterflies so far this year on account of the horrible weather.

  17. Thanks Betsy. If the rain ever stops maybe I'll get a few more opportunities with this species.

    Cheers Adam. Unlikely there will be any relief for us or the wildlife for some time yet.

  18. Beautiful shots - you are so lucky to see any butterflies this year. My garden count has been at least 70% down on previous years. It must turn sunny soon!


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