Thursday, 16 June 2011

Just a few Damsels.

To keep the blog ticking over while we are away here are a few of the different Damselflies that I have seen during May into early June.
Azure (Coenagrion puella) - a teneral male.

 Common Blue (Enallagma cyathigerum) - Male.

Common Blue (Enallagma cyathigerum) - Male.

Emerald (Lestes sponsa) - Immature female.

Emerald (Lestes sponsa) - Female.

Blue-tailed (Ischnura alegans) - Immature female probably form violacea
This form can mature into into either the andromorph with male-like blue colouring or into infuscans-obsoleta with a brownish thorax according to my field guide.

White-legged (Platycnemis pennipes) - immature (f. lactea phase).

Please feel free to correct me if you feel any of the ID's are incorrect.

N.B. This is a scheduled post and I will respond to comments when we return from Cumbria.   FAB.


  1. Just a few beautiful shots Frank! Excellent and nice variety. Iðd love to see them around but for that the climate changes ahve to be bigger than that ;-)

  2. These are exceptional and the one of the Blue-tailed near the bottom, is exquisite detail of the wings. Have a great journey~

  3. These are top notch Frank,stunning.

  4. Hi Frank...amazing creatures aren't they.
    I love seeing them soar over an open field or land on the reed at the pond near by!!
    Love the blue one, and all those great patterns and colors!!

  5. Love that blue one too. Amazing photos.

  6. Finally catching up with the backlog. great shots of the white admiral - one of my favourite british butterflies.

  7. you have had some truly beautiful photographs in these last posts. Like TonyC, I am cataching up and very much enjoying it!


  8. Lovely photos Frank. I just wish there were some round here. They are conspicuous by their absence this year!

  9. Fantastic shots of the damsels. Love the blue colored one.

  10. Great images as always. I hope you're having a good trip.


  11. great stuff again Frank.... I must practice my macro stuff soon.

    Dave (Bfb)

  12. Wow! Just beautiful. I've just resolved to start learning dragonflies and damselflies. Gotta get a field guide and then I'm going to concentrate on id's. I doubt if I'll be able to take photos even a fraction as good as yours, though.


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