Monday, 27 June 2011

In the shadow of Blencathra.

Just in case anyone wondered why the blog has only featured a few scheduled posts during the past couple of weeks ... well we recently spent some time away in the Lake District. So here are some montages of the views we enjoyed every day.

Our campsite at Hutton Moor End was directly under the shadow of Blencathra (Saddleback), one of the most northerly mountains in the Lake District. Every day the views were slightly different depending on the level of the clouds and the length of the sunny interludes.

Typically the weather was very mixed with just a few days of sunshine when the highest point (Hellsfell Top) at 2,848 feet became visible from our watchpoint and the constant trend of daily rain showers didn't stop us from enjoying the local scenery.

The valley around the campsite was a patchwork of fields, small becks and damp meadows filled with a variety of wild flowers bordered by traditional dry stone walls and buildings constructed from the local stone.

The weather wasn't particularly helpful when it came to capturing the local wildlife but at least one of the daily visitors, Mr. Blackbird, struck a pose long enough for the camera!    FAB.


  1. gorgeous countryside! love that little stone barn and those stone walls!!! (i want a stone wall all the way around our place but it would cost a fortune!)

  2. Bencathra is beautiful! Felt like I was looking at a great place for a movie set - almost too perfect!

  3. I love those wide-open spaces, Frank! I hope you and Anita had a wonderful and relaxing time. The beauty of this area is incredible. Was it like time slowed down?

  4. Nice collage of photos! That last one looks almost like a Robin.

  5. Beautiful part of the country Frank, and you certainly had some great views.

  6. Beautiful area of the country, isn`t it Frank ?

    I enjoyed my holiday to the lakes a few years back.

  7. Hi Frank
    Great images and glad to had a good trip,as you say the scenery is fantastic makes me want to go back again.

  8. That kind of country does the soul nothing but good - great photos.

    Last time we camped in the Lake District the site was flooded during the night. We woke up afloat with 6 inches water running beneath our airbed - it was scary!

  9. Wow cool area and I was wondering where you were, you were just enjoying camping ;-) The pictures of the landscape are sumputous and I also love the blackbird.

  10. What a beautiful place it is Frank. Your photos show the lovely scenery to perfection.

    I hope you and Anita had a relaxing time. I am sure it was good to just breathe in the air and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

  11. Hi Frank...the place is breathtaking!!
    So nice to get away and enjoy the beauty!!
    Loved the photos....Grace

  12. I love the mountains Frank. Blencathra is one in a million.

  13. Lovely images of a favourite walk of mine.
    Sharp Edge is a wonderful route up Blencathra...
    Keswick is my default UK destination for my holidays.

  14. So many glorious views! Gorgeous scenic images! Looks like a beautiful place to visit. Superb series, as always!

  15. Lovely views Frank, and a super collection of montages. I especially like the third one featuring the stone shed, wildflowers and views, I think the combination of detail and long shot is very effective. Linda

  16. Hi Theresa. You'll have to create your own quarry ... dig a bit hole to find the construction materials!!

    Hi Shelley. Plenty of room to lose yourself .. literally!

    Hi Kelly. The tiring bit was getting there and back, otherwise it was great ... very peaceful.

    Thanks Mona.

    Cheers Keith. The views made up for the lack of wildlife photos.

    I agree totally Dean. Just a pity it is not on my doorstep.

    Hi Monty. Apparently an untypical weather system for june but the scenery definitely made up for the lack of sunshine.

    Hi Rob. I have never had a holiday there when it hasn't rained. One couple suffered a similar experience during the week but it didn't dampen their spirits.

    Cheers Chris. Nothing like living outside in the fresh air.

    Hi Jan. It was a very enjoyable trip. Hopefully a few more pics to come soon.

    Hi Grace. Mountains and lakes ... definitely a major change from our home habitats.

    Me too Bob.

    Hi Andrew. Having watched the changing view day by day I can fully understand the facination of Blencathra. My last high scamble (Striding Edge) is now a distant memory!

    Thanks Julie.

    Hi Linda. I expect at some stage the stone shed was a delightful hideaway for someone!

  17. Oh my Frank, everyone of the images you have selected show amazing warmth and charm of the area that you visited. Each one makes one wish they could breathe in the air and the freshness of the beauty that abounds, what a lovely entry~

  18. Gorgeous scenery and photos. What a great place to visit.

  19. Hi Mary. It was a joy to get back into the mountains again after so many years away elsewhere. Far less air pollution and a much slower pace of daily life.

    Thank you Eileen.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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