Saturday, 26 June 2010

Skip and Skim.

A relaxing stroll around Bookham Common yesterday in the sunshine produced some pleasant sightings including lots of Small Skippers plus an obliging female Black-tailed Skimmer.
Small Skipper (Thymelicus sylvestris)

Female Black-tailed Skimmer (Orthetrum cancellatum)
Both shots taken with the 70-300, hand-held, F10 and cropped. 

 I also saw my first Silver-washed Fritilary and White Admirals flying around this more images to follow on my FABirding blog very soon.  FAB.


  1. Hi Frank,
    The skipper picture is very nice.
    I'm wondering how you can manage two blogs ;-)

  2. ...beautiful photo of the small skipper. They are so fast and hard to photograph sometimes. (Are skimmers and dragonflies the same thing? I need to look that up...)

  3. Couple of cracking shots Frank. Especially like that Small Skipper.

  4. Hi Chris. There is very little activity on the FABirding blog so it's not too demanding at the moment...just somewhere to post some of the better shots.

    Hi Lois. Patience paid last.

    Hi Kelly. Yesterday the Skippers were active but a few perched to soak up the sunshine. Yes to the question (see e-mail).

    Hi Keith. Thanks mate, I was pleased with them also.

  5. Beautiful photos, Frank. Love that last one especially. Did I remember reading somewhere along the line that you use a Canon Digital Rebel camera? Which model?

  6. Hi Mona. Cannon EOS 450D.

  7. Great shots of the skimmer here and on FABirding.

  8. Oh my, I just can't believe the fantastic detail in these photos, I'm speechless

  9. Love the pics, Frank. The skipper is crystal clear, esp. on that silvery grass. The skimmer is stunning, a dragonfly that we do not have. I photographed a damselfly while out on a hike today that appeared to be colorless! I haven't checked it out yet, but am curious to import the photo and take a better look at it. ~karen

  10. John. Thanks.

    Poetic Shutterbug. Cheers, but quite a few shots went in the bin!

  11. Hi Karen. I also have a few images of Damsels taken recently that I still need to zoom on and try to ID just in case I've captured something different.

  12. Fabulous photos Frank, I have just caught up with all the posts since your holiday and what a great holiday it was!

    It must have been a wonderful experience hearing and seeing the Nightjars :)

    Yes, I for one was very interested in your holiday 'abode', it looks and sounds really nice. I have always liked the idea of taking off on the spur of the moment for a few days and it sounds like an easier prospect (towing and manoeuvring wise) than a caravan which has always put me off for the aforementioned reasons.

    The photos with the Rhododendrons caught my eye in particular, really beautiful! Nice to see the Newt too and the Linnet, I'm not sure I should admit this but I have never seen a Linnet!!

    It really sounds like you and Anita had a wonderful time :)

  13. Couple of great shots there Frank, That 70 - 300mm is a super lens have been looking at it myself as the auto focus on my 100 - 300 has packed up

  14. Hi Jan. Still lots of pics and stories to follow from Norfolk and Suffolk so watch this space.

    Hi Monty. I'm slowly getting to grips with this lens. Next task is to try it with the extender for close-up as you suggested but will probably need to use a tripod.


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