Friday, 25 June 2010

Night Birding.

On two seperate evenings while on holiday in North Norfolk recently I walked out onto a nearby heath with large areas of conifers to listen and wait for the unmistakable 'churring' of the Nightjar. While I waited the sun slowly completed its disappearance over the treetops for another day. The air temperature dropped considerably and a Woodcock flew overhead but too fast for me to react with the camera.  
A small flock of Gulls headed out towards the north Norfolk coast as the sky slowly got darker and darker loosing its pinkish tinge and then the reeling 'churring' began. First one individual from some distance and then another and another much closer.  
During the next 30 minutes or so with a darkening curtain as a background their 'krruit' call heralded movement above the conifers.......shapes began to appear as several Nightjars fluttered overhead accompanied by wing clapping as they performed their nighttime arial acrobatics. Just a pity the camera couldn't cope with the conditions but it's always a wonderful sight to experience......FAB.

For more SkyWatch this link.


  1. So sorry you missed the woodcock. Photographing birds is tricky at the best of times but particularly when the light is low (at least it is for me). Lovely colour in those skies though!

  2. Nice series of night photos. I like the colors. You were very patient. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Frank, your sky images are so beautiful, the pinks and golds and blues all running together like watercolours, very lovely post~

  4. Beautiful photos, and I loved this post. You are so descriptive - I could almost smell the night air and hear the birds.

  5. Fabulous Frank and lovely images. We have had some perfect evenings for looking for Nightjar.

  6. That was an exciting 'read' - and the dramatic sky pictures are awesome! Isn't it incredible what our eyes can do? Even with all the scientific knowledge and great minds of today - no camera could ever compare to what the human eye can do! With one exception - we can't stop the action and view later in slow-mo' ;-)I'm glad you got to have this invigorating experience!

  7. Hi Frank
    Welcome back and looks like you had a superb trip to Norfolk. Have just read through your last few posts and you species count has taken a big leap forward, 154 thats very good going. Some great sky shots on this post, and the accommodation looks very cozy. looking forward to more post on the trip, Many thanks for sharing.

  8. Great sunset images. Pity the camera couldn't cope when it came to the Nightjars but at least you got to hear them.

  9. Lovely night skies. We should photograph those more often. Carol

  10. Thanks for sharing the birds :)

  11. Lois. Thank you.

    E G Wow. The experience was more important than the photos.

    Mary HC. Nature paints the picture..all I do is attempt to capture the moment.

    Gwendolyn L. Patience is my second

    Mona. Slightly damp crushed Pine I think and I forgot to mention the Muntjac Deer 'barking'!

    Angie. And surprisingly no biting insects!

    Bad Girl. At least WE have a large memory bank and can recall the experience if not frame by frame.

    Monty. A perfect relaxed holiday, shared with friends and some interesting walks...more to come soon.

    John. Hopefully we may have more red skies to come.

    Carol. Yes we should.

    gwendolen. You are welcome.

  12. Beautiful sunset photos! The colors are gorgeous, looks like a great ending to your day of birding.

  13. Eileen. It was the best evening of all....sunset and night flying birds.


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