Monday, 19 October 2009

Garden visitors etc.

Most of our garden visitors make full use of the cover still being provided by the hawthorn before venturing onto one of the various feeders which were initially placed to provide the birds with some sense of security but not I fear in sight of the camera. Blue Tits and a single Coal Tit are making very quick forays to the fat feeders whilst keeping wary eyes open for a pair of Magpies that have been around for the past few days. Greenfinches and House Sparrows are also greedily emptying the feeders and the Robin still regularly appears for a tit-bit.
With dark mornings and earlier darkening evenings there has been little opportunity to capture this activity in the garden over the last week or so but here are a few recent images.

House Sparrow

There is still some colour in the garden ... the Euonymous elatus leaves are now showing their autumn tints....
and this Fuscia in the shaded border is still in full flower.
Elsewhere the signs of autumn colours are very obvious.
The weather forecast suggests we are in for more wet weather and high winds so our visitors will need to find a place to shelter and there may be less opportunities to watch their daily lives.
Stay dry and warm everyone. FAB.


  1. This is a seasonal transition that I just love.

  2. Its certainly time to keep an eye on the feeders from now on Frank.

  3. I love this pleasant posting.

  4. Gorgeous shots! I love that you still have fuscia blooming! How nice!!
    Our weather has been very rainy and windy but tomorrow we are suppose to see the sun!!
    Nice post!

  5. ...your fuscia is still beautiful, and I love the color in your leaves...

  6. Both are lovely photos of the birds but I especially like the way you have captured the sparrow taking advantage of the bushy cover around it. btw - you may want some dry weather but we desperately need some rain - PLEASE!!!!

  7. Hi Frank,
    It is about the same here nowadays, very hard to get pictures as it is most of the time dark. Well done on the dunnock shot is it very nice.. I love the autumn leaves shots too!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful shots of autumn in your area! Those leaves looked very vibrant!

  9. yep, the weathers closing in, lean times ahead!

  10. Your yard is lovely and your post beautiful Frank. Thank you I enjoyed the whole set of your fabulous images.

  11. Nice post. I have the same problem with them hiding from the camera, but as long as they stay safe that's what matters.

  12. Hi "Early Birders". Sorry for the delay in responding to all your comments but it's been another 'up & down week' with little time for blogging. Have a great weekend & I'll catch up with you all very soon. FAB.

  13. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Lovely autumnal piccies; especially the sparrow.

  14. IndigoShirl. Thanks & hope you will drop by again. FAB.


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