Thursday, 8 October 2009

Misty am & BHG's.

The first fine morning for a few days and this was the scene that greeted me at Epsom Great Pond when I stopped for a very brief stroll on my way to work today.....the sun was well up and burning off the early morning mist.
The only obvious activity was a number of Black-headed Gulls circling the water so with only 15 minutes to spare (yes, I was late leaving home!) I attempted some 'in flight' shots using the camera's 'sport mode'. My main concern was that for the first few shots the sun was directly ahead. Please 'click' any image to enlarge.

I then moved around the pond, stepping carefully through the very wet undergrowth to a location where the sun would be off to my right in the hope of getting better detail.

Overall I'm fairly satisfied with this very brief excercise but next time I need to make sure I'm not in a hurry to get to work! FAB.


  1. Hi Frank,
    Despite the problem with the sun on the first and the attempt on the sport mode, these shots are really great. I love this post! And your header too, it is gorgeous!

  2. Awesome photos, and I love the early morning fog scene.
    It is beautiful.

  3. sport mode..was a great choice..I think you really captured some nice shots of this black headed gull. I love the mist rising off the water..approx what time do you head to work..must be very early?

  4. Great flight shots. It's always fun when they turn out. I like the lighting...just like you see when out birding.

  5. Nice group of "oooo-ahhhh" images. Perhaps we will see the Black-headed gull this winter in Gloucester, MA?

  6. Those last 3 shots are an especially nice series.

  7. Great shots of the bird!! And I love a misty morning. Nice post Frank!!

  8. Lovely shot of the rising mist Frank. One of my favourite type of morning shots.
    Gulls are always difficult to get the exposure right, especially when in flight like that. The last two, perfect. They have great detail in the feathers.

  9. I think shooting into the sun can be very effect on some occasions and I believe this is one of them. You really see the transparency of the feather with the back-lighting of the sun.

    Well done Frank - and it's called "getting up earlier" :D ;)

  10. Lovely early morning shot Frank and also beautiful Black-headed Gull photos. We went (yet again) to Draycote yesterday in search of the Lesser Scaup that has been there for a week or so but no luck, I managed to get a Rock Pipit but it was totally out of focus :( There were lots and lots of Black-headed Gulls there, I was amused by how argumentative they can be.

  11. Don't you just hate going to work! especially when you're having a good time!

  12. Great shots, Frank. I use the action sport mode a lot. It stops the action, and is pretty failsafe. Nice work.

  13. I like the misty shot Frank. Best time of the day.

  14. These are just great images Frank, the one three up from the bottom is amazing and my favourite.

  15. Frank!!!

    Wow..Wow and Wow excellent shots...your in flight shots are excellent. Great captures.

  16. ...these are beautiful flight photos. I especially like the second to last photo--the wings are gorgeous and the sun highlights his orange bill even though his head is in shadow. It's pretty enough to paint! (Like the mist burning off the lake too...I'd like to capture a photo like that some day...)

  17. Hi 'Early Birders'. Many thanks for all your lovely comments.

    Chris. Much appreciated.

    eileeninmd. Cheers. Hopefully next month I will get large flocks of geese in the frame like your Avocets.

    Tina. I usually leave home at 7.30 but on this day I had a late start at work so arrived at the pond at 8.45am.

    Richard. Capturing what you see "as is" is always the goal and I'm a little stunned that they turned out so well.

    Steve B. I also hope you get the opportunity to 'bag' some BHG's this winter & show us how it should be done.

    Wilma. Thanks but not as colourful as a Trogon!

    Ginny. Thank you.

    Keith. Not sure I'm ready to attempt manual settings but will have to try sometime.

    Tricia. I'm going to have to change my recent lazy 'lie in' habit when I have every day to myself in the near future.

    Jan. The gulls were very quiet as they flew around but I agree they can be very vocal & territorial.

    Warren. Couldn't agree more. But the tables will be turned in about a month's time.

    Mona. Cheers, it was you who prompted me to try this setting.

    Angie. Hopefully I will get some more misty shots when work ceases & I can properly live up to the "Early Birder" tag!

    Roy. Thanks. One to add to the side-bar I think.

    Crista. So glad you liked the pics.

    Kelly. Thanks. I'm not sure I could easily repeat this 'in flight' shot as I guess it was just my lucky day!

  18. It's been a while since I visited. I sure wish I had more time; you're blog is so "happy". I love the photos and happenings. Hopefully with the cold weather coming I can get more time inside to relax more...and blog.

  19. Lisa. I'm very pleased you found time to drop by again. My blogging is also a bit intermitent at the moment but hopefully forthcoming events will provide me with the opportunity for some different wildlife posts. FAB.

  20. great misty morning shot, Frank


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