Saturday, 24 October 2009

Walking off the 'blues' 23/10.

It has been an up and down week. The high point was the visit to Whichford Pottery (see previous post); the low point was an uncomfortable and incomplete visit to the Dentist on Friday morning meaning that I have to return next Tuesday in the hope that the treatment will be satisfactorily completed without any more pain!
To walk of the 'blues' Anita and I took a late afternoon stroll around Epsom Common. Initially there appeared to be little activity but on reaching the Great Pond there were at least 8 Black-headed Gulls circling the water and occasionally diving in the hope of catching a meal. The sun had disappeared and with a darkening sky I still felt the need to capture something so here is the best but not sharpest image of one of the gulls.Other distant sightings were Grey Heron, Coot and Moorhen working the fringes of the pond. As we headed out onto the rough pasture area we noted that the electric fences have been removed and obviously the grazing cattle have moved on. Anita spotted movement and a Kestrel that had alighted briefly in a nearby tree flew away from us. We heard the characteristic 'kschaach' call of distant Jays and the 'kick'..'kick' sounds of Great Spotted Woodpeckers from within the woodland. We traversed the open area picking up Goldfinches flitting high overhead by their 'tickelitt' calls; then watched several Great Spotted Woodpeckers alight high above us before moving on and then picked up a small party of 8 Long-tailed Tits accompanied by a few Blue Tits frantically feeding as they moved from bush to bush keeping well ahead of us. Heading back towards the Great Pond we disturbed two Roe Deer who promptly bounded away far too quickly for any photos and disappeared amongst the Salix surrounding the pond. Anita subsequently relocated them in the bins walking through the water. Throughout our walk the most obvious sounds emanated from various Robins who kindly waited for their pictures to be taken.
Throughout our stroll I was slightly worried by the lack of berries that would provide food for our winter Thrushes apart from small areas of rose hips and the occasional tree with a larder full of Crab Apples.As we returned around the pond a fisherman who was trying to reel in his catch requested some help as his line had got entangled with the lines from his other two rods. He had been attempting to land this 15lb Carp for around 20 minutes and said his arms were getting tired! He eventually netted his catch and asked me to take a picture using his camera-phone before releasing his quarry back into the pond. I then took my own shot; asked him for his e-mail address and a few hours hours later I sent him this image which Eddie is happy for me to post.


  1. Hi Frank,
    Thanks for this very nice post and I guess Eddie was really happy to see this nice shot of him holding the carp....
    I hope your dentist appointment will solve the problem quickly and that you will get better.
    Congrats for the robin shot. I've been observing two here this last week, but manage to see only one today and I did not manage to get nice shots yet!!

  2. Hi Chris. Yes Eddie was delighted with his catch & the portrait.
    I see you got a good shot of the Wren & no doubt on your next visit the Robin will perform for you.

  3. Great shots Frank...I love your Robin pictures. Tell Eddie if he ever wants to visit here I have plenty of carp for him. Saw one last spring at spawning time that was close to 4' and big around as a dinner plate.

  4. ...that was a lovely walk. I hope it did lift your blues (good luck with the dentist--I don't know what's worse, the Wrath of the Swine or the dentist!). The two photos of the robin are so sweet, especially that last one. As for the!! I've never seen anyone catch a fish that big. Eddie looks very happy and I can see why!

  5. I love the photos of the robins! Fishermen seem to be the same all over the world - very proud of their catch!
    (Previous post) What a nice thought to have two pots specially made and decorated for you. That's really the 'personal touch'.

  6. A great way to dust down the blues Frank. Lovely shot of Eddie and his catch; he looks very pleased.

    Thanks for your visit, and comment earlier. Appreciated

  7. I hope the walk banished the blues to some extent Frank. They do say walking helps but in my experience if one is in a dark place it is sometimes difficult to summon up the motivation for even that! I hope too that the tooth problem is painlessly resolved, no doubt it will help not to have that hanging over you.

    What a lovely tribute to have the personally made pots given to you in recognition of your good work, you may well have some very valuable antiques of the future there ;)

    Lovely photos of the Robin and well done on helping Eddie. It looked like the birds had made good inroads into some of the Crab Apples!

  8. Nice post, Frank! Your Robins looks so different from our "typical" Robins.

  9. Richard. If I bump into Eddie again I'll definitely tell him about your very, very big pond.

    Kelly. No contest..The Wrath of the Swine is definitely the worst option. Should have seen Eddie 20 minutes smile & twisted lines but that quickly changed.

    mick. Fishermen are always happy WHEN they have caught something, but if not it's another story.

    Keith. Good to hear from you & pleased to see you're on the mend.

    Jan. The walk definitely worked for me & I was in good company so that always helps. Yes, the pots are great but finding the right space in a very small garden is the next challenge.

    Mona. They are both Thrushes but certainly very different. I'm sure I will post some close-ups before the year is out.

  10. That's a whopper Frank.{:)

  11. A definite pick up when you walk with nature after visiting the dentist. I always say "this too shall pass" ...good luck.
    Love the little robins how cute are those pictures?....that is a huge fish your new friend has caught..a carp huh!! that's a big carp!


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