Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Check out FABirding.

For this week's editions of Nature Notes and Wild Bird Wednesday you will need to switch over to my photo blog FABirding where I am featuring images of five local species from the Tit family. 

Please feel free to browse through some of my other work on FABirding and let me know what you think of my efforts. (Recent posts are also shown in the link on my sidebar). FAB.


  1. Wasn't sure where you wanted me to comment. I love love all the Tit family and although the LT Tit is nto really in that family, it is my favourite. All come to my garden although we do not have the MArsh Tit in ireland. Lovely photographs of them all. Well done. I did scroll further down to see many more of your post Frank. Really lovely work.

  2. Heading their now Frank...wait until I show you what I got in Aruba!!!...:)JP

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I've got your link added to my list.


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