Thursday, 11 February 2016

Patch Birds.

Visits to my local patch have been somewhat infrequent this year mainly due to the inclement weather. 

Earlier this week on a very blustery morning following severe overnight gales  initially there seemed to be very little avian activity apart from a single Black-headed Gull on sentry duty ...

 ... and a solitary Coot resting at the waters edge.

When I reached the Great Pond the effect of the recent high rainfall was clear to see with water stretching far beyond its normal boundaries. Again it appeared bird-less but as the sun peeked through several species emerged from the saturated wooded margins. I logged around 30 Mallard, a pair of Northern Shoveler, a single male Tufted Duck and a pair of Teal.

As I circled the pond I noticed the emergence of a very colourful species that regularly appears at this time of year ... Mandarin Ducks. Initially two pairs drifted into view and then a further six males joined the party.

After a short time at least four of the males departed. In previous years I have often seen ten or more males chasing after just one or two females before trying their luck elsewhere!

 It will be interesting to see whether any of the pairs hang around.  FAB.



  1. I am not sure which is worse for birding - lots of wind and rain or extreme heat!?? It would be nice if we could even it out a bit! Those Mandarin Ducks are strikingly colored - and I especially like your photo of the ones that are just taking off from the water.

  2. Beautiful colours on the Ducks.

  3. Hello Frank!:) Nice Coot shot, but I just love your Manderin Duck captures.:)

  4. Hi Frank, Hope your well lovely set the Mandarins are great and only a rare visitor down here,, Likewise have not done much posting lately as the weather has been bad for birding and photography.

  5. I would love to see the Mandarin Duck. Reminds me of the Wood Duck I finally captured images of earlier this year. So beautiful. Hope all is well with you and yours Frank. Carol

  6. The mandarin ducks are very handsome!

  7. You have the best places to shoot photos. I like coots, and we often have them around here. Many folks here say they don't like Coots, but I find them quite mysterious!


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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