Thursday, 7 May 2015

Birding between the Bridges.

On another very recent early morning, just as the dawn sunshine was slowly burning off the mist, I was crossing this stile on the edge of Bookham Common.

So if you are happy to continue then why not join me as I go birding between the bridges that straddle the various small streams that meander their way across the common.

The first species to greet me is a male Blackbird giving me a quizzical look as if to say "Why are you here this early?".

As I cross the first bridge, which has recently been restored to cater for vehicle, horse and foot traffic, I hear the hoarse alarm call of a Pheasant from deep within the dense understory vegetation. Way off in the distance there is the repeated call of a Cuckoo while I listen out for other recently returned migrant songsters.

A silent male Blackcap (above) passes by probably on the look out for an early morning snack.

To avoid any early morning dog walkers I move away from the main track where the underfoot conditions are somewhat sticky after the recent rainfall and head for my second bridge crossing.

The tall vegetation nearby provides excellent song and lookout perches for several species including this Chiffchaff with its dark legs .....

and then a very similar looking LBJ, the Willow Warbler (below) with its pale legs.

As I head towards the next crossing point I hear the Cuckoo call again and then catch sight of it flying into the nearby woodland but I wasn't quick enough to grab an in-flight shot. Maybe next time I'll be lucky.

During the last 7-10 days the numbers of Common Whitethroat seeking nesting territories has increased but none of them appear in the open long enough for a photo-call.

Another strident but repetitive songster seen and heard all around the common is the Song Thrush.

At usually one of the wettest areas close to the boundary with the railway line I'm pleased to see that the ditch has been cleaned out so I won't be carrying an extra few pounds of mud home on my walking boots!

A detour into the woods leads me to a recently created 'Play Area' but I'm not in the mood for climbing so I just sit awhile and listen to Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming and Nuthatch calling plus bursts of song from several Wrens.

  Last but not least one of many Robins in full voice and proclaiming its territorial rights. 

I hope you managed to keep up and enjoyed my early morning wander around the common.  FAB.

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  1. sweet bridges and i really like that stump play zone! beautiful song thrush!

  2. wonderful images! So many to choose as my favorites. All are great shots!

  3. The play areaof staggered wood posts lools like the Giants Cuaseway. A beautiful light for your walk adn to see these lovely birds.

  4. Looks like a great walk with lots of lovely birds to enjoy.

  5. Great walk I truly enjoyed sharing you, Frank!
    That picture of the Blackbird is stunning but all your other encounter are wonderful :)
    It is not easy to approach birds on a stroll but you did it!!
    Enjoy your day!

  6. So now I know how to tell a chiff chaff from a willow warbler...which is rather moot because I've never even seen a chiffy, only heard them!

  7. Pretty shots of all the birds.. A wonderful outing.. have a happy day!

  8. All lovely shots (I never used the word lovely until I was over 55...hmmm). I've asked myself before, why I'm out so early. But not lately. I've gotten lazy in my old age.

  9. LOVE this post! You took some really picturesque photos!!

  10. the romance in the first shot with the fog rising. I don't get to see that very often around my house. Beautiful shots of the birds...and when my son was small, he would have loved playing on those stumps (very cool...we don't have anything like that here!).

  11. What lovely shots. I really like that robin!

  12. Making the Good Fences blog run and I stopped by!
    Nice set of [photos too!

  13. Great morning out between the bridges!

  14. Beautiful shots and birds on a wonderful walk!!
    Thanks for sharing and also for visiting my blog too. Nice to meet you.
    Have a nice weekend. CM

  15. Dat zijn heerlijke wandelingen.

  16. Such a lovely post. That first misty morning shot is wonderful. The birds were all so pretty and cute. Loving the little bridges and the fences. The one with the ivy was really nice. Very enjoyable post.

  17. Love the stile, the little bridges and the birds! Oh what a beautiful place to walk! Love love love your photos!

  18. Beautiful the misty conditions in the first image.

    Loved seeing the birds....especially the Song thrush, wonderful capture.

  19. Hats off to you early morning walkers. Nice selection of photos!

  20. I certainly enjoyed going along with you on this walk Frank. Beautiful pictures!

  21. Boa tarde, sua maestria fotográfica é excelente, consegue partilhar belíssimas fotos com boa cor e detalhas sem esquecer a boa qualidade, as fotos são perfeitas.


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