Saturday, 30 August 2014

Common Darter.

Probably our most widespread dragonfly seen from May through to early December and occupying a wide range of lowland habitats is the Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum)

The above close up of the male shows the two tone, brown and yellowish striped legs and distinguishes this species from its close relative the Ruddy Darter (S. sanguineum) which has completely black legs.

Females and immature males look very similar but I'm reasonably certain the images (above and below) are a female.  With age her abdomen will become much duller changing from ochre to a reddish hue.
 All images taken 'hand-held' with the 450D and 70-300mm lens.  FAB.


  1. Great captured the beauty of nature !

  2. I would love a 300 lens. Love these captures of dragonflies.

  3. Lovely images Frank, especially the closeups...[;o)

  4. No way will I ever get images of dragons this close up. So beautiful. Carol

  5. all the photos were great, but I loved the second one :O)

  6. I never realized how beautiful some of the smaller insects could be until I started photographing them.

  7. Hello.

    Great photographing. Very sweet atmosphere.

    Greetings and hugs.
    From Japan, ruma❃


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