Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sunshine and Flutters.

The sun shone at long last today so I took another trip over to Bookham Common and whilst the birds weren't very cooperative (even the Whitethroats hid amongst the branches while collecting nesting material or looking for a morsel) I did enjoy a couple of hours listening to their varied songs. 

I managed to locate three Nightingales still singing and at one territory a Song Thrush was uttering some very similar sounds in competition with its neighbourhood Nightingale!  Of course it is not unknown for different species to copy some of the sounds they pick up from other birds to add to their repertoire. 

Other prominent songsters were Blackbird, Wren, Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Garden Warbler and my first sighting of a male Cuckoo. His call was quite distinctive as the first part of his call sounds as if he has a sore throat!  Also had reasonable views of soaring Common Buzzard and Sparrowhawk, plus Kestrel and 3 House Martins. The sunshine also brought out a few more butterflies ... plenty of Orange Tips, plus a few Speckled Wood, Peacock and Brimstones.



The forecast indicates more rain for Tuesday morning but I hope to visit my local patch to see if anything new might have turned up.  FAB.


  1. That peacock butterfly is just gorgeous. Very nice image!

  2. Nice to see a few flutters Frank! They have been decidedly scarce with this lovely weather!
    Always a thrill when the migrants start to appear, with all this rain, it`s a wonder that they haven`t turned around and gone elsewhere! ;)
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  3. Nightingales, how lovely Frank...Super to see the Brimstone and Peacock making an appearance. Ive had to get my butterfly fix from US blogs over the past week or so,so its nice to see some UK butterflies making a comeback. Linda

  4. I so love the butterfly images. There's butterfly nests or should I say caterpillar nests everywhere. Maybe it'll be a bumper crop this year. Carol

  5. Nice you could get out. Love the Butterflies.

  6. Wonderful sightings and images! especially the Peacock butterfly!

  7. Great stuff Frank, looks like you had a lovely stroll. That Peacock is superb

  8. ...the photo of the Peacock butterfly is really nice--such color! In the previous post the photos of the Common Whitethroat singing are really fun. I love seeing that beak open wide while he belts out his song for all he's worth. I have no idea what they sound like...I'm curious now and am going to look it up! :-)

  9. Lovely images Frank.. I haven't got close to a Brimstone this year.

  10. Beautiful sightings! Lovely photographs! That Peacock butterfly is so very stunning. I hope the sun is shining brightly for you today.

  11. Looks like everybody is getting a lot of rain Frank... We just have to use the few hours of sun ;-) Beautiful pictures, I love the Brimstone.

  12. Wonderful sightings, the butterflies are gorgeous.


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