Friday, 4 September 2009

Garden Visitors

With the recent inclement and windy weather it has been very difficult to capture images of our regular garden visitors. First up is one of the Robins that posed one evening in the shelter of the pittosprum.
We have also been watching this other individual (one of this year's brood) who has a novel way of getting a snack from the fat feeder. He (or maybe a she) stands underneath the feeder and then launches VERTICALLY to peck and hopefully return to the ground with a tit-bit. I'm sorry this is not a brilliant pic but it was taken late in the day through the double glazed window.
And here is the same youngster having a well earned rest, perched in the hawthorn.
I'm pleased to report that the House Sparrows are back (both adults & juveniles probably from the 2nd or even 3rd brood) but their appetites are costing me a fortune in feed!
"If he filled this up it would be much easier to reach".
Collared Doves are also voracious feeders and regularly maintain a watch to check when the feeders are topped up.
Very few butterflies in recent weeks except regular forays by a number of Wood Whites. This one captured on a Hibiscus.
Fly overs include the daily movement of Gulls, usually fairly high up, and a increasing number of Canada Geese returning to their night roost on the pond at Epsom Common.
I hope everyone has a good birding weekend.........FAB.


  1. This is a delightful post. I love the Robins. The firt shot is one you should be proud of.

  2. EB,
    I always enjoy watching the antics of those youngsters when they are trying to reach a feeder, land on a feeder or balance themselves to get food...they are pretty funny to the dove perching on top of that tree looks like it is floating in mid-air!!

  3. Lovely shot of the Robin Frank, in the first.
    Amazing the ingenuity of some birds to get the food from feeders.

  4. Lovely to see your garden visitors Frank. The first Robin photo is particularly beautiful! I too have seen a few more House Sparrows in the garden this year although nothing like the numbers I used to see some years ago.

  5. Frank, nice post! Forgot to mention that your Header photo is gorgeous!

  6. Hi Frank,
    you have quite few visitors in your garden. here we do have meadow pipit and wheatear at the moment. So we have been adding some seeds for them! Otherwise, the weather is not really good for birding and almost not light this day.. So I still did not go out!

  7. Robins are lovely birds to photograph at the feeders and elsewhere in the garden. A good image is often the result as they become human tolerant.

  8. Oh! There is that lovely robin, my favorite European bird!

  9. Hi "Early Birders". Many thanks for all your comments which as always are much appreciated. FAB


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