Friday, 3 July 2009

Jersey - Day 2. Samares Manor

On our 2nd day on Jersey (Channel Islands) all of Anita's family visited Samarès Manor’s Summer Festival and Jersey Rose Show. Throughout the day there were various events including Morris Dancing, Dog Obedience & Gymnastic races and Story Telling.
A selection of the vintage vehicles parked in front of the Manor house.
The Jersey Rosarians were holding their annual Rose show and these a just a few of the glorious flower displays.
All the roses were exhibited inside a marquee but far too many to photograph so here is just one of the fabulous blooms.
The gardens were created in the 1920's by millionare shipping magnate and philanthropist, Sir James Knott. They offer exceptional environmental conditions for growing an extensive range of plants and much of the original planting still remains.
We headed into the walled Vegetable Garden which contained this 'Apple Barge'.
This is a 2/3rds scale representation of a spritsail rigged Thames barge or 'Channel Barge'. Two reasons for it's construction: Firstly, a pratical frame for training apple trees; and Secondly as a reminder that these vessels were crucial to the Channel Islands economy before steam was invented. Mainly used for carrying granite as the flat bottom and massive strength enablem them to load and discharge on Jersey's tidal flats and sand banks.
Calendula's through the bottom of the barge.
During our stroll we met and chatted to a 'real' Jerseyman. This was the 'Storyteller' who is a close friend of the Signour of the Manor and his beaming smile tells you everything about his inner spirit and love for this place.
These are annuals in the Exotic Garden (sorry forgot the plant name!).
Yeh, I need a rest from the heat as well!
A view down onto the pathway that splits the Herb and Rose & Lavender Gardens. Established for over 20 years and and one of the most comprehensive in Europe this was the inspiration of John Brookes, the internationally renowned garden designer and author.
Aeonium in the "Hot Garden" enjoying the baking conditions.
A peaceful location to meditate.
Part of the Shade Garden.
An friendly 'Australasian' imigrant enjoying the cool, if muddy water, on one of the small pools.
Part of the Japanese Garden.
One of the many Water Lilies.
I took a rest in the shade with the gentle sound of water at my feet.
...and finally, Percy, the carthouse in the paddock.
An very interesting few hours and then Anita & I headed off for a drive around the east coast.


  1. Thank you for the lovely photos and the description of what you saw on your holiday. A vicarious holiday for me!

  2. Wow Fabulous post Frank...I'm afraid I don't have a favorite this time. I love the whole thing!! :)

  3. What a beautiful place to visit Frank.
    Blooms to vintage vehicles; a great selection of pictures.
    And what a great character the 'Storyteller' looks, with his beaming smile.

  4. Great series of photos. Looks like you had a fun filled day.

  5. a beautiful and interesting place to visit! I love all the flowers, but I think my favorite is the storyteller! (You made me laugh with your comment about the Scarecrow Family!

  6. What an extraordinary place. Thanks so much for taking us along Frank. :c)

  7. A lovely place Frank. I enjoyed all the photos, the Japanese Garden looked beautiful.

  8. Well done Frank,lovely images.
    Looks like you had a great time,enjoyed all your shots.

  9. Nice to see that they have an "Australian" to enjoy - (the black swan, of course)!

  10. Hi everyone. I'm pleased you all enjoyed the visit to Samares Manor.
    For me it was like 'home from home' - a very relaxing stroll thro a great garden.

  11. Hi Frank,
    This seems to be a nice place to visit, with a lot of potential subjects for photos!! I love the black swan picture, of course you knew that ;-)


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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